Do You Need An Image Update?

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As we get celebrating bringing in the new year of 2008, I ask you a very important question: Do you need an image update? Do you have a vision in your mind of what you would like your ideal image to look like? If not, create that ideal image through visualization. Start by creating a picture in your mind. This will create an emotional awakening and start you thinking about taking the first step to creating the best version of yourself for the new year.

When you imagine a more stylish self, it’s refreshing how your motivation and inspiration will begin to inspire you to talk to your inner self. Your intuition will be your guide and tell you when it’s time for you to invest in making some positive changes. The image update journey can be one of the most powerful experiences to exploring your real inner self and style. I always tell my clients that image transformation is a process, not an event. It doesn’t happen in thirty minutes like on TV. People have to enjoy all the positive changes they are making and accept themselves for their own beauty. Enjoy the body you are in today, not the one you had 10 years ago. Celebrate yourself and learn to be accepting of who you have become.

Don’t allow your fears to overpower you. Fear and the busyness of your life are all obstacles that you will need to confront to create that stylish image you envision in your mind. When you achieve an updated and chic look, I know you will feel more confident, happy and be able to build stronger relationships in your personal and professional life. There is nothing more important than your personal image and self-worth!

Follow these steps to exploring if you are in need of an image upgrade in order to achieve your image vision:

1). Get very clear about your new image. Do you need a new, updated haircut, or perhaps a more stylish wardrobe that is age-appropriate? Visualize everything you want from head to toe,

2). Ask your family, friends and co-workers who support you to give you some honest, constructive feedback on your visual appearance. Be sure not to take things personally or react defensively. Listen to their advice. They are your support group, assisting you through this process.

3). Go through some magazines and cut a few photographs out that you feel best describe your new updated image. Select items and looks that you love. As they say, a photograph is worth a thousand words, and this is a way to ignite your inner self to lead you to the styles, silhouettes and the overall look you wish to achieve.

4). Everyday, try to think of one thing you would like to streamline or update in your appearance: a simplified make-up routine, an easy chic new hairstyle, or ways to add a few trends into your classic wardrobe to look more updated.

5). Seek out the experts. You don’t have to make the journey alone. Image consultants can help you identify and accentuate your attributes and work with you to develop your unique style from the inside out. Oftentimes women are very critical about their appearance. An image consultant coaches you in a positive manner to learn the tools of looking your absolute best! We can work with clients one-on-one or virtually through the computer, with telephone coaching.

Sometimes it is difficult to really know when you are ready to begin the process of developing a better you, to realize your goals and dreams in life versus remaining in your safe, unchanging environment. Feel free to visit my at to take a short quiz to see if you are in need of an image update. Remember that positive change always helps us grow and lead richer lives. It is important to follow these steps to create the image you envision, and to achieve the life goals and dreams that you deserve. Invest in yourself - you are worth it.

Author: Sarah Hathorn, AICI. Illustra Image Consulting works with individual men and women who wish to update their fashion and professional presence. The company also provides corporate image services to organizations that wish to enhance their corporate brand within the marketplace.

Do You Need An Image Update?

Visiting A Hair Salon

Visiting a hair salon can be a very scary and daunting task for some people girls and boys, women and men. It may be because they’ve had a scary experience in the past maybe the hairdresser cut the hair wrong, the hairdresser didn’t do what the client told them too, wrong colour or even an allergic reaction to the bleach or colour.

Whatever your reasons I have 10 steps in which I hope will help you get over your phobia of visiting a hair salon:

1. Only go to reputable salons – a recommendation by a friend or family member is always a good start

2. If you’re having colour on your hair insist on a skin test – a skin test is when a small amount of bleach or colorant is placed on your skin to see if you have a reaction, a reaction can be itching, blistering and or redness. A skin test is done at least a week before any hair appointment.

3. Tell the hairdresser exactly what style you want – if you have an idea what you want your hair to look like and have a picture take it to the hairdressers with you this will not only put your mind at rest but will help the hairdresser too.

4. Tell the hairdresser what you don’t want – if you don’t like one particular style tell the hairdresser, if you go into a hairdressers and say do anything you feel would look good but you hate one particular style, make sure u tell them.

5. If you want 1 or 2 inches off your hair and that’s all tell them – if you’ve gone to the hairdressers just to have an inch or tow off your hair tell the hairdresser that’s all you want doing. Don’t let the hairdresser sway your decision.

6. Choose a hairdresser you get on with – in a hair salon there’s always more than one stylist so choose one you like and can get on with, it will then be easier for you to talk to them telling them what you specifically want from your hair.

7. If your really nervous book with senior stylist – senior stylists in a hair salon are stylists with more experience. They will cost more money but will listen to your every need and make sure your happy with your cut and or colour.

8. Only want your hair done but bombarded with extras available – most hair salons now offer not only hair services but nail treatments, tanning, make-up services etc. if you don’t want any of these offered to you just make it clear in a nice manner you’ve come to have your hair done that’s all thank you.

9. Sacred what the colour will look like – if you want to change your hair colour, the best way is to start with 1 or 2 shades either lighter or darker of your normal hair colour. Don’t go from blonde to dark brown or dark brown to bright blonde, you need to do it gradually.

10. Go for a consultation before you book – if your still unsure why not book a consultation with the hairdresser of your choice and tell them exactly how you feel, if you’re scared explain why. They will then give you advice on what styles and colours would suit you, then you can give it a think before your actual appointment.

Author: Jene Pedder is the Webmaster of Inanch Hair Design who are based in London and specialize in Hair Design.

Visiting A Hair Salon

Traditional Classics: Dickies Whites

As a professional the chances are good you demand better for yourself when it comes to your work wear. No matter what profession you choose, you demand you work wear works as hard as you do. With Dickies whites you will find that you get all you expect and more. Dickies understands what it means to be a professional with a professional’s need for perfection.

You did not get to where you are today by accepting second best. Dickies has a reputation hard-earned through almost a century of superior work wear and exceptional service. When you choose Dickies whites you are choosing the one company in the work wear industry by which all others are measured.

With all that Dickies offers, what makes Dickies whites so special?

Tradition, tradition, tradition! Dickies brings you traditional styles and designs updated to be constructed from the modern materials available today. This innovation solution has made Dickies whites a highly sought after category of professional work wear perfect for medical or healthcare workers but also for anyone needing professional whites.

What are some of the popular styles of Dickies whites available?

1. The Dickies white dress is everything you would imagine for a nurse dress. This nurses dress is the classical short, modest nurse dress made popular in the earlier years of medical work wear. The v-neck is collared professional with the short sleeves offering a comfortable feel to your professional apparel. This is a classic where Dickies whites are concerned.

2. The Dickies white skirt is another popular piece of work wear offered by Dickies. This is obviously designed with the woman in mind, and fall at or slightly above the knee for a professional look that is a bit sassy. There is nothing as compatible with other Dickies tops that this Dickies white skirt. You can have it all when you choose Dickies!

3. The Dickies seamless drawstring cargo pants are an innovative creation by Dickies. With so many years in the work wear industry, you would and should expect the best in innovative thinking. These cargo pants offer the spacious benefits of other cargo pants with the benefits of being seamless. The secret to these seamless pants is simply amazing adding to the astounding design afforded by all Dickies apparel.

4. The Dickies Johnny collar top is a beautiful classical and traditional additional to what Dickies has to offer. This Dickies whites is a wonderful addition to any wardrobe. The stylish collar means you will have a favorite when it comes to professional looks with a comfortable fit. Yes, Dickies simply offers you the best in designs and fashions. This is truly evident with this Dickies Johnny collar top.

As a leader in the medical apparel industry, Dickies whites offer you more. No matter what your professional, you will soon discover why Dickies is the leader in work wear for the professional man or woman. You get more with each purchase you make, and you are guaranteed a lifetime of wonderful use. With Dickies you can just expect more because Dickies knows you expect the best for you and your busy professional career.

Author: Max Johnson is associate webmaster of

Traditional Classics: Dickies Whites

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About baLooTisme and meFashion Blog

Dickies Women’s Pants For The Professional Woman

There are a multitude of women in today’s work force, and those women have a need for exceptional quality working apparel. Dickies women’s pants offer the unique opportunity for the women to get what she needs while receiving all she could want in her workplace apparel. There are so many styles when considering those Dickies pants that you will not have to go looking for other designs to meet your expectations.

The Dickies women’s pants are a unique category offered by Dickies where the specific needs of the woman are concentrated on. The women’s physique demands special attention, and Dickies understand what it takes to cover the majority of personal physiques without degrading the quality of the pants.

What are some of the popular Dickies women’s pants on the market today?

1. The Dickies relaxed fit pull on pants are a wonderful design. These Dickies women’s pants are made to pull on, but have a look of the traditional zip up pants. The relaxed fit gives the woman the opportunity to move comfortable no matter how she moves or how long. These come in a variety of sizes and sport an easy to wear waistband to allow maximum wearability.

2. The Dickies flare pants are just one word: wow! Available in a variety of colors and sizes, these flare pants by Dickies make it easy to look stylish while remaining professional. The drawstring waistband is perfect allowing for a more perfect fit for more women. Of course, flare pants are all the rage right now, and yes, Dickies wants you to look stylish!

3. The Dickies cargo pants are everything cargo pants should be plus more. These Dickies women’s pants are roomy and have a lot of pockets making them the most functional pants on the market today. Cargo pants allow you to move where you want to move without running back and forth for supplies. Carry what you need in this popular category of Dickies women’s pants.

4. One favorite of many women is the Dickies cargo flare pants. This takes the best of flare pants and cargo pants developing a single pair of pants that give you functionality as well as fashion. Look great while you are functional! These Dickies women’s pants are extremely popular and come in a wide array of colors and sizes meeting the standards for a wide number of professional women.

5.The Dickies flared cuff elastic pants are great for the professional one who wants flare pants with a bit more style. The cuff is extra special to allow you the best look and feel. You need to be professional, but you also want to look great. With these exceptional pants you can have the best of both worlds.

When you want the best in your workplace apparel, you can rely on the name Dickies. When you have been an industry leader as long as Dickies has, you get to know what the people expect and want in their workplace apparel. That is why when you purchase Dickies women’s pants, you will find that you are getting more than you expected.

Author: Max Johnson is associate webmaster of PhotoCredit:

Dickies Women’s Pants For The Professional Woman

Look Fashionable At The Beach

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It’s that time of year when we pack up our bags and head to the beach for the day to enjoy those warm sunrays and the refreshing sound of the lapping water.

So what constitutes a good beach wardrobe. Well there are certain essentials that none of us forget. On goes the swimsuit and bathing suit cover, flip flops on our feet. Beach bag has been packed with the essentials – sunglasses, floppy hat, towel and a good book. Great – got the basics covered but what about the rest.

So if we are so prepared for a day at the beach, why is it by the time we get home we look pretty worn. Here are some helpful tips to make your day at the beach fun and keep you looking fashion fresh all day and all the way home.

First before you leave home, if you’ve got long hair pull it into a high pony tail or fun knot. Use some funky hair accessories that will stay in place when you’re swimming. Try a fun colored bobble or some firm fastening clips in bright summer colors. If you pull your hair up your neck will stay cool and you’ll look fresh all day with your neat hairdo.....

Second slather yourself in sunscreen before leaving the house, then toss the sunscreen in your bag so you can reapply after a swim or every few hours. A sunburn is not only unhealthy and painful, it’s unattractive, so don’t let yourself turn into the lobster of the day. Your sunscreen should be a SPF of 15. It doesn’t hurt to use a strong SPF on your face or your entire body if you burn easily.

Your beach bag should be large enough to hold your supplies for the day. Why not get something fun and fashionable to keep you looking fashion fresh. Make sure you’ve got all the daily essentials in your bag – sunglasses, sunscreen, a good book, a floppy hat, some lip gloss, and any other makeup touch ups you’ll want. If you plan to wear eye makeup make sure it’s waterproof. Stay away from heavy foundations. If you must apply something use a bronzer moisturizer. It’s also a good idea to bring lip balm with an SPF15 to protect your lips. It never hurts to put some moisturizer in the bag. Include a snack and plenty of fluids. It’s important not to get dehydrated.

Okay great we’ve got the basics covered now what about the wardrobe basics? If you’re planning to wear a swimsuit it’s usually easiest to put it on at home, that way you’re not chasing down change rooms. So great – first on goes the swimsuit. Now what to wear for a cover? Well you’ve got plenty of choices. A tank top and shorts, tank and skort, or a nice light cotton dress all work well over top. Choose something that’s easy to put on and take off, and choose fabrics that breathe to keep you cool. I also suggest including a long sleeved cotton blouse just incase you start to burn you can protect your shoulders and arms.

If you’re planning on heading out later in the day without returning home you might want to toss a pair of jeans or long skirt into your bag. If your outing is going to extend into the evening you’ll want to include a sweater for the cooler evening air. If you’re worried about your evening wear getting sandy or wet at the beach, then place them in a separate bag and leave them in the trunk of your car. That way you are guaranteed they’ll remain fresh.

My favorite beach look is this. And what’s perfect is it keeps me looking fashion fresh throughout the day and takes me right into the evening. First I like a swimsuit that’s got lots of support and is bright and cheerful. I throw a fitted tank on top and throw on a loose flouncy long skirt. The long skirt serves me through the evening and also works great to cover up if I’m starting to burn. I choose a lightweight material in a darker color with a pattern that accents the colors in my swimsuit. Flip flops are my footwear. Depending on where I’m heading after the beach I choose either a basic pair or one of my funky pair with rhinestones or crystals. Easy to walk in, feet breath, and terrific for an evening out. I keep a fitted light weight sweater in my car, and take a long sleeved cotton blouse down to the beach. I usually choose a long sleeved and long length blouse because it’s versatile. I can knot it to create a short blouse, wear it long as a beach cover, and put it on if I start to burn on my upper body. I usually choose white or a soft pastel depending on my other colors. I like white because it’s cool to wear and refreshing to look at. Every year I buy a fun new beach tote that’s big enough for the beach but not too big as to take it with me for an evening out. I like a fun bag that’s full of character.

Since I always feel naked without my jewelry I wear fashion jewelry to the beach. That way should I loose something I won’t be out a lot of money and I won’t feel so bad. I like to keep the earrings simple and elegant. I may or may not wear a necklace. Often I’ll toss a funky wood necklace in the bag to add to the evening outfit. I like to wear a couple of fashion rings just to add the finishing touches. Now if you’re fussy about tan lines you’ll probably want to forgo the rings. I toss my watch in the bottom of my bag so I can put it on later.

That’s it – simple is the key. Keep your beach wardrobe choices simple but fashionable. Think ahead so you can go from beach to an evening out without hassle. Remember to always make your fashion statement!


Author: Sher has been serving customers for over 20 years, providing affordable estate jewelry, and a wealth of information on jewelry, fashion, designers, and beauty with on staff industry professionals. Please visit us at Estate Jewelry International.

Tanning Is Great! But Get Some Sun Protective Swimwear

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Summer is the season of fun at the beach and there is plenty of sunlight making it imperative to put on sun protective swimwear . Whilst the great pastime time during this period is sun bathing, the greatest danger lurking along beaches and swimming pools is ultra violet rays from the sun.

Ultra violet rays are emissions from the sun that has the potential of causing damage to unprotected skin surface.

Sun protective swimwear are clothing that we put on to fend off the negative effects that these radiations can have on the body.

The manufacture of sun protective swimwear is an elaborate process. Although the clothes themselves are made up of ordinary, everyday fabrics, it is the lining and the special treatment of the clothes that turn them into sun protective swimwear.

One technology is to use durable, breathable, lightweight, and very comfortable fabric with a 4-way stretch. The inner part of the fabric is lined with the ultra violet light protective coating. If the sun protective swimwear is going to be used for swimming in a pool, then it is made from chlorine resistant swim fabric.

For people who are highly sensitive to sunrays or photosensitive skin or skin cancer, the choice is high-SPF clothing. These contain containing colorless compounds, and treated resins that absorb ultra violet light.

The essence of sun protective swimwear is to reflect as much as possible, the dangerous ultra violet rays from the sun as much as possible. This means, shiny, silky or reflective clothing are the best.

Another technique is to use tightly woven micro fiber containing enhanced titanium dioxide which diffuses ultra violet light and CoolMax mesh to ensure ventilation and moisture management.

There are several types of sun protective swimwear available. There are some for babies, some for men and some for women. Between these we have ordinary and high end designer swimwear. Although all of them have the protection against the sun, there are vast differences in quality of fabric, design and appearance.

There are some sun protective swimwear that cover the entire body and some that are just top wear, shorts or pants.

With the high end fashion, you can have two, three and even sometimes four piece sun protective swimwear with a hat or sunglasses to match.

Of increasing popularity are men's sun protective swimwear comprising of a shirt, shorts and matching glasses. These products are both in the regular version and high end fashion.

Before we get on to why we need sun protective swimwear , it may be helpful to look at ultra violet rays. Ultraviolet rays (UV) or radiation is the invisible rays that are part of the energy that comes from the sun. UV radiation can damage the skin, cause melanoma and other types of skin cancer. There are two types of UV rays - there is the UVA which causes ordinary sun burn and the UVB which penetrate deeper into the skin to cause melanoma and other types of skin cancer.

Physiologically, overexposure to UV radiation can disturb the body's immune system and the skin's natural defenses.

Sun protective swimwear offers you a kind of filtering against these harmful rays. People most susceptible to these rays are those with light clothing and in areas where there is no overhead protection like the beach. Sun protective swimwear is also needed during summer when the sun shines a lot and consequently emits more ultra violet rays.

If you are interested in the stats,

• 1.3 million New cases of skin cancer are diagnosed each year.
• One in five Americans will contract skin cancer.
• Malignant melanoma, the worst form of skin cancer, has increased 1,800% since 1930

It is likely that many patients can save themselves the discomfort of these illnesses by putting on some sun protective swimwear.

You need to exercise a lot of discretion in buying protective swimwear.

Sun protective swimwear is categorized per UPF rating. UPF is the amount of radiation that can pass through the clothing. For example, a fabric with a UPF rating of 15 will permit one fifteenth of the UVR to pass through it and a UPF 20 fabric, one twentieth of the UVR to pass through it. What this mean is, depending your skin sensitivity, you will go for the clothing that suits your skin type, and of course, how long you will be exposed to the sun.

It is also important to consider weave type. Generally, the tighter the weave or knit, the better the protection against the sun.

The less the light that can pass through the clothing, the better. To test porosity, you can hold the sun protective swimwear against the sun and see how much light comes through.

Darker clothes should also be preferred against lighter clothes.

The price of a sun protective swimwear ranges from $49.95 upwards and there are several shops offering regular and high end fashion sun protective swimwear.

Sun protective swimwear can be pretty expensive and therefore need a lot of care to prolong their life. Here are a few tips on how to care for them:

Avoid oil-based suntan lotions which can stain the fabric and cause it to stretch. Stretching increases porosity and consequently permits more UV light to come through.

Soak clothes in vinegar to prevent fading which permits more light to come through the clothes.

Chlorine can interact with the sun protective swimwear and damage it. Try to soak your body wet before jumping into the pool to minimize the chemical reaction with the chlorine in the pool.

Enjoy the sun, tan as you want but be mindful of the danger of UV - put on your sun protective swimwear and save your beautiful skin.

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Author: For more swimwear information, please visit