Matching Mens Shoes with Suits or Pants

I have received many queries by readers on how to match their shoes against their other mens clothing, like suit or pants. Actually it is not as difficult as they think it is since the choices of colors for men's shoes are quite limited. Unless you have a taste for extraordinary colors, otherwise there should not be much problem coordinating dress shoes.

Always remember that formality of dress shoes begins from the darkness of its color. For example, black is always the most formal color while light brown is the least formal. So you should match your shoes against your suits or pants based on the occasion. If you are attending a formal business dinner, then naturally black shoes are your ultimate choice rather than brown shoes.

Of late, there are more men wearing light brown or camel colored dress shoes against their dark colored suits or pants. These high contrast creates a very trendy style which I personally like. However, we should also note that this combination gives a more casual feel toward it.

What if the suit or pants are brown-based colors like olive or chocolate colors? Must we definitely wear it against brown shoes? Not necessarily, black shoes are just as fine. Of course, brown shoes would let the color flow very smoothly but black is still a color that can fit nicely. Remember that black is the color for formal.

Lace-up shoes are one step better than slip-ons for their formality. At the same time, lace-ups are split into Balmoral and Blucher types. Refer to Mens Dress Shoes Styles for their differences. The latter is always considered less formal because of its open throat design.

So remember that whether you want a formal or casual look would depend on your choice of two criteria: the dress shoe style and its color. My brother actually has a gray shoe that is blucher styled with pointed tip and polished patented leather. Due to these various combinations, his dress shoe actually looked almost formal against dark colored pants and yet with a tinge of stylishness.

Author: Leroy Fong. To learn more on the art of men's fashion coordination, refer to my ebook:

Mens Shoes

Fashion Cowboy Belt Buckle

Belt buckles that we know today are evolving as fashion revival. This items have become an important accessory of men's and women's wardrobes. The cowboy belt buckle is an American original. The Old West is an unique period of American national history. However, cowboys did not invent the Western buckles the way we know them today. In Fact, cowboys wore suspenders to hold their pants.

Those buckles were designed by Hollywood when Cowboy movies were getting big bucks green. The costume designers wanted the Cowboys to look stylish and distinctive, and there the cowboy buckle set them apart. Today Cowboy belt buckles are used by our own President, the Governor of California, movie stars, celebrities and just about anyone else who wants a different touch in their dress. Cowboy buckles are highly prized and some custom designed buckles are sold for thousands of dollars. With the right touch, this masculine item could also look very feminism and chic.

As you can see fashionable belts and buckles are once again become an integral part of a person's wardrobe not only for men but also women. Buckles come in variety sizes and are made of all kinds of materials such as plastic, silver, wood and even gold. They are made to be seen. Throughout the ages belt buckles have been designed and utilized to denote a person's profession or status, eg: Military buckles may denote rank.

As time goes by, more and more people come to realize that the belt buckle can definitely dress up any given outfit. But the important thing is, buckles do not have to be expensive to express ones individuality or personality

Author: Lauw Yenny is the owner of

Fashion Cowboy Belt

Beaded Handbag

A beaded handbag can make a great accent piece to your stylish clothing. They range from small, seed bead covered clutches to handbags made of larger beads that are perhaps a carryall, so you can match your sleek party dress with a black beaded clutch, or try a larger beaded handbag for your day in skimpy spaghettis, Hawaiian shorts and flowery flip-flops at the beach.

Beaded handbags can be bought at many bag and purse stores, as well as occasionally be found at accessories stores. Or you can go hunting for one at arts & craft fairs and crafters’ stores. You could even get a fun beaded handbag custom made for you by a bead crafter. Fear duplication no more. Just choose the design and the beads that you want and you’ll be set for a unique item. Beaded handbags can be works of art, too. If you like Native American art, why not try out a Native American beaded bag? This gives your outfit some culture and shows off your style.

Beaded handbags, earrings, bracelets and other accessories can be fun and trendy accent pieces for anyone of any age. Use a beaded handbag to add some fun and personality to your purse collection. You’ll look trendy while exuding your own personal sense of style. And if you are quite good with your hands, why not make yours even trendier by making it yourself? You can make full use of your artistic talents in creating unique signature pieces suited to your needs. I bet you played princess when you were small. Now, you can try to make your own style of adult bead handbag with a bead loom and some beads. These make fun accessories for yourself and great, thoughtful gifts for friends.

To get started, you can get a bead loom at many bead stores, as well as picking out the beads for the project. You’ll want a lot of beads that are the same size and type – use different color patterns to make your design. Patterns and instructions on how to make your bead handbag are widely available on the internet or in subject-specific books. Your bead loom can also be used to make bead bracelets and necklaces, which you could coordinate with your handbags to make a stronger fashion statement.

Let your imagination soar with new and old pieces alike. You can take an ordinary handbag which has been sitting unused in your wardrobe and bead it for a fun beaded look. Use the beads to sew a design onto the fabric to enliven an older, boring bag. You can save lots of money and always stay in style that way.

What if you do not have the time or the patience to do things yourself? Then my advice is to delve into cyberspace for some ready-made pieces. Make sure you have lots of time to browse. If you’re like me, you can just sit there hour after hour scrolling down the screen because there are simply too many wonderful creations to choose from. There are many beaded handbag designers on the internet, with styles ranging from the cool and fun handbag for a glittering party girl to more graceful editions for more formal, professional events. You can carry a beaded handbag to a formal or semi formal event to add a bit of your personality to your solemn outfit. There are even beaded crocheted handbags available, which add another level of texture to a beaded handbag.

Author: Glen B. Porter provides readers with up-to-date commentaries,, and reviews for, music, movies and other related information.

Beaded Handbag

Tattoos: The Beauty of Body Art

Tattoos are becoming more popular in all cultures around the world. They are a representation of the person's belief's or attitude of their lifestyle. To the tattoo owners, they usually have a significant meaning, whether it is related to a group of people; such as tribal members or sororities, or an individual, such as a loved one, or a meaning the tattoo owner believes in. Even ancient kings had tattoos to demonstrate their status of authority and power.

Like the artist, it takes many hours of hard work and practice to become a tattoo artist. There are many facets to learn. Some tattoos have many painstaking details which take several hours to define, while other tattoos may be small and simple. When getting a tattoo, it is very important to check out the reputation of the artist. Using sterile equipment is of the utmost importance as an unclean instrument can lead to hepatitis C and possibly other problems. It is also extremely important to keep the tattoo clean so infection doesn't occur afterward.

It is completely an individual choice what kind of tattoo a person may decide to have done.The price may range anywhere from $35 to well into the hundreds, depending on the time it takes and the details involved. However, it is wise to pay a good price for a great tattoo, considering it is a lifetime decision and can only be removed with surgery which will cost even more if you are not happy with your tattoo.

With all of the things considered, getting a tattoo can be very safe and enjoyable if done properly. Referred to as body art, there are many beautiful and amazing tattoos to choose from. After checking out many different tattoos, I was very happy to find the perfect one for me. I love my tattoo and am so glad I had it done!

If you would like to get a tattoo, it can be a great experience. Just make your decision carefully as you will more than likely be wearing it for the rest of your life. It is a reflection of what you stand for and how other people will see you.

Author: Mandy Morris lives in Chicago and is an author who is happy about her new tattoo. Visit for more information about tattoo.

Tattoos: The Beauty of Body Art

Nail Myths Exposed

They protect the ends of the fingers and toes from injury. They help you pick up things. They also come in handy when you have an itch that needs to be scratched.

Indeed, nails help us perform many tasks but they’re also the subject of many myths and misconceptions. Strange as it sounds, when it comes to nail care, a lot of people are in the dark and know more about Dr. Phil than they do about their very own nails!

To clear up whatever misconceptions you have about your nails, read the article below courtesy of Somasin AFS, nature’s answer to stubborn fungal nail infections that are difficult to treat. Somasin is made from a unique herbal blend that will restore your nail’s healthy shine and luster in just seven days.

Nail hardeners and gelatin will strengthen nails. False. Commercial nail hardeners do contain ingredients that strengthen the nails. But by doing so, they also make the nails less flexible and prone to break more easily. Since the nails take a lot of pressure in daily life from activities like housework, dish-washing, and gardening, they can benefit from moisturizers that contain petrolatum or mineral oil.

“The best way to grow strong nails is to make sure that they are kept moisturized. Because nails take a lot of abuse in daily life and are repeatedly exposed to harsh detergents and chemicals that can dry them out, it's important to keep them moisturized. Most nail polish removers are alcohol based, so it is especially important to moisturize after removing nail polish,” said Anthony J. Jannetti in “Nail care myths and facts” in the Third Age web site.

As for gelatin, it has no effect on nail growth and strength. This was an advertising campaign that began in the 1890s when Charles Knox created gelatin from leftover slaughterhouse waste. Knox claimed that this waste material would strengthen nails since cow’s hooves were strong. Unfortunately, it doesn’t so even if you eat a truckload of Jell-O, your nails will still become chapped and brittle if they’re constantly exposed to water. Wearing gloves makes more sense.

Push your cuticles back to help your nails grow. False. This is a bad idea since you can injure the cuticle and expose the nail to a host of problems including nasty bacterial and fungal infections. For your safety, don’t touch that cuticle!

"The cuticle is a barrier that protects the skin and the delicate nail matrix, or 'root' of the nail. Pushing back on the cuticle can injure it and expose the paronychium, or skin fold around the nail, to bacteria and result in infection,” said Dr. Marta VanBeek, assistant professor at the Department of Dermatology, University of Iowa College of Medicine in Iowa City.

Artificial nails are good for you. False. Another bad idea if you have brittle nails or recurrent fungal infections since they can worsen these conditions. When worn continuously, artificial nails can trap moisture, making them a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. They can also cause allergic reactions in some people.

“People with brittle nails should minimize the amount of trauma associated with removing or changing artificial nails. Chemicals used to dissolve the bond between artificial nails and the nail plate can dry out the nail and damage the nail if used too frequently. For people with healthy nails, artificial nails can be fine as long as they are not worn continuously," VanBeek said.

If you’re sick of fungal nail infections and are worried about expensive oral anti-fungal drugs and their side effects, try Somasin AFS, an all-natural herbal formula that will bring back your beautiful nails. Check out for more information

Author: Janet Martin is an avid health and fitness enthusiast and published author. Many of her insightful articles can be found at the premier online news magazine

Nail Arts

Keep Up To Date With All The Latest Fashions

Fashion A Thing Of Beauty?

Keeping your finger on the pulse of the latest fashion designers in all the main shows in the world is not an easy job. Each year there are names who will become valued and long term members of the industry but there are many who will sink without trace. Below are a few of the names to look out for and whose labels will be valued for many years to come.

A la Disposition is literally shaping the fashion world with its amazing corsets. They are creating delicate shaping designs to produce a fit that is perfect for every body shape. The outer cloth will 'hug' the body while the stitching holds the fabric snugly. The combination of cut and structure from corsets of the past along with modern innovations of elegance, A la Disposition designs luxurious high fashion corsets. The corsets are made from the extraordinary weaves chosen from the best mills in Italy, England and France. Experienced needleworkers in A la Disposition's own workshops complete each corset. The only negative aspect to owning an A la Disposition creation is that your finest piece of clothing may never be seen by those who can appreciate its style and quality.

Anna Sui. This is a name that has already hit the headlines and looks as if it will be around for many years to come. Anna Sui began her career by dressing her dolls for her own Academy Awards but her passion for fashion grew as she matured and culminated in her own label. She calls her collection of fashion clippings her 'genius files'!

Her first order was from Macy's in 1980 and her overheads were kept down by working out of her own apartment. Ten years later she was ready to open her own boutique in NewYork and the Los Angeles one followed a few years later. The New York Times calls her the designer who 'never panders' and Anna continues to be an inspiration to both her fellow designers and to the entertainment industry.

In addition to underwear and outer wear, fashion also influences the accessories we use both personally and in our homes. One of the leading names in this area is Kate Spade who is absolutely at the cutting edge and has been since she started designing her own handbags whilst working on the Mademoiselle magazine.

With her own designs and money, Kate Spade produced her first line of classically shaped handbags with innovative colors and fabrics. Together with her husband, Kate Spade was able to officially launch 'Kate Spade Handbags' in 1993. After starting with just a few innocent sketches, Kate Spade has been honored by the fashion industry over and over again for excellence in designs and for specific products. Kate Spade is the ultimate for classic elegance in accessories.

Author: Claire Peacock is the editor and webmaster of, a premier fashion and clothes information site on the Internet. For more information following this article please pay a visit. Visit here,

Latest Fashions

How To Create The Perfect Wardrobe

Want to know the secret to creating a foolproof wardrobe? It's all about "buying less and spending more."

The ultimate goal is to build a wardrobe of clothes that suit you perfectly and that will mix and match easily to create innumerable outfits. It may take you several years to get there, but the result is absolutely worth it.

A perfect wardrobe should be made up of 60% Classic pieces 20% Basics and 20% Trend.

You probably already have a few classic pieces in your wardrobe. These are the items you paid more for but are made of high quality natural fibres and have seen you through several seasons. By purchasing classic pieces over a longer period of time, pairing them with good quality basics and keeping current with a few trend items, you will always look elegant and put together.

Begin by separating your clothing into piles of classics, basics and trend (If you notice anything that is worn, dirty or needs mending, place these in a separate pile).

Classics - The classics are good quality items like jackets, skirts and pants that fit you well, that look great and are still in great condition.

Basics - The basics are good quality t-shirts, stockings and lingerie etc. These are items that get a lot of wear and should be replaced every season or so. The more careful you are when washing and storing your basics, the longer they will last.

Trend - Finally you should be left with a pile of trend clothing. These could be current trends or those long since passed. While you may want to hang on to a few favourites, once the trend is over do you really have any need to keep them? Anything you decide to keep should be stored separately from the rest of your wardrobe.

Once this is done you can create a list of what classic items you need to complete your perfect wardrobe. Here are the top 10 staples of a classic wardrobe:

1. A good trench coat - this is a wardrobe essential. As with all your classic pieces, choose a neutral colour like black, chocolate, navy or beige.

2. Good quality knitwear - Go for natural fibre like 100% wool or cashmere. These are more expensive but much better quality and will last a lot longer. A classic V-neck style in a thin knit will get you through several seasons.

3. A cocktail dress - Look for classic style that flatters your body shape, for example a wrap dress which suits most figures. Remember, it doesn't necessarily have to be a "little black dress." If you don't like black or just want something more interesting, pick a dress in one of your best non-neutral colours.

4. A white shirt - a well cut white shirt with crisp collar and cuffs is always a great addition to any wardrobe. It is perfect for weekend and work wear.

5. A great pair of jeans - look for either a bootcut or straight leg style in a dark, even denim. Definitely no fading, embroidery or hemline detail. Always fit your widest area first, then it can just be a simple alteration to nip in the waist if it is too large.

6. An A-line skirt - A simple A-line skirt is very easy to wear and flattering on most body shapes.

7. Man-style pants - A great cut that skims over the hip area and creates a long leg line. Get a pair in black and beige.

8. Knee high boots - perfect for Autumn/Winter weather. Look for a soft chocolate leather in whatever heel height you are comfortable with.

9. A beige leather tote - always gorgeous, this will go with practically everything.

10. Anything else that suits your own personal style

Now that you have your wardrobe of classics, you can start to create 'clothing clusters.' This is a clever and easy way to build a versatile wardrobe of clothes. Once you get the idea of how clusters work, you'll be able to plan your wardrobe around them and give yourself lots of options.

A clothing cluster is a group of 5-12 pieces (classics and basics) that work in combination with each other. The basic guidelines are:

* Solids mix more easily than prints but prints can bridge the gap two completely different solids
* Choose classic styles with clean, simple lines
* Choose colours from your most flattering colour palette
* Choose styles that suit your shape and your clothing personality
* Invest in quality pieces that will last for many years

Go through your wardrobe and note down all the possible combinations you own and then try them on to make sure they really work. Maybe you could have a friend or your partner take a photo of you in each outfit you create so you can remember all the combinations you came up with.

Teaming classic pieces with good quality basics in your best colours will ensure you always look elegant and put together. Then simply adding a splash of the latest colour or trendy handbag will bring you right up to the minute.

Best of all, taking the time to plan your wardrobe means you'll no longer be tempted to waste money on impulse items that don't go with anything you own.

Author: Susan Lockhart is a leading Image Consultant in Brisbane, Australia and owner of Synergy Image Consulting. Learn how to make the most of your appearance and dress for success, no matter what size, age or shape you are. Get professional advice on colour, dressing for your body shape, bridal wear, grooming and more. Consultations for men and women. Visit

How To Create The Perfect Wardrobe

Fashion Trend Report: The New Basic is Anything But Black

We all have it in our closets. Black – the universal color that mixes and matches with anything. Black makes us look good, while covering up figure flaws. And that’s good. Black has its place in our fashion hearts. But, now it’s time expand our wardrobe options into colorful uncharted territory.

Are you ready, ladies? Here are the new color combinations that will spice up your wardrobe and get you away from reaching for black when you may be in a mood for something a little more adventurous.

Chic Color Combo: Brown and Pink

Brown is a great alternative neutral to black. A brown pair of pants or a brown skirt with a pink top is a nice feminine look that is warm and inviting.

Chic Color Combo: Navy and Orange

Navy is traditionally paired with white or red. But let’s think outside the box a bit and go for a navy suit with an orange blouse or tank top. Wear navy shoes for a traditional look, or shoes with orange accents for a little fun.

Chic Color Combo: Burgundy and Red

For a casual look that has a wow impact, pair a burgundy top with a red sweater, jacket or hoodie. Wear with jeans.

Chic Color Combo: Charcoal and Yellow

Charcoal is a dark gray color that’s a step away from black. It goes great with cool toned colors but I bet you never thought about pairing it with yellow. Try a yellow sweater or sweater set with charcoal pants or skirt.

Chic Color Combo: Chocolate Brown and Baby Blue

Baby blue is a nice, soft blue color that looks good on most people. You can wear a baby blue top under a chocolate brown blazer or sweater. Soften that brown suit with a baby blue blouse or knit top.

Author: Donna Monday. Find the hottest looks in plus size fashion – discounts,bargains and more! Visit

Fashion Trend Report

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5 Great New Fashion Trends for Women

Here’s a quick look at some of the new trends in women’s fashion. The overall trend is chick and ladylike. Liven up your wardrobe by adding a few of these pieces.


Your great grandmother probably wore these in her day. Now brooches have made a stunning come back. The most popular brooches you’ll see are large and flowery, with that vintage look. They look great with any kind of jacket.


Wearing a pretty camisole under a suit jacket is very chic and adds the perfect touch of feminine glamour to your work wardrobe. You can also pair a camisole with a pair of jeans with heels for a sexy casual look.

Cropped and Fitted Jackets

Jackets and blazers are more popular than ever and go with a variety of outfits. The new fitted style shows off your curves. Fringe is also another accent popping up on boucle blazers. Lots of new color options will give you more ways to mix and match.

Faux Fur

Enjoy the luxurious look and feel of fur without harming any of our furry friends. Not only are the new faux fur coats magnificent, but you’ll find faux fur used as accents on sweaters, hats, and gloves.


Polka dots, stripes, flowers, and paisley prints are popping up on all kinds of clothing items. Prints are a great way to compliment a neutral colored top or bottom, plus they’re fun!

Author: Donna Monday
Find the hottest looks in plus size fashion – discounts,bargains and more!

Fashion Trends for Women

Womens Casual Clothing Fashion Tips

Whether you're considered a soccer mom chic or college dorm student comfort is always on the forefront of your mind, the trick to dressing in womens casual clothing everyday with style is to know how to keep from looking sloppy.

For those lucky enough to dress in womens casual clothes everyday, the challenges could be many, but a few larger ones are, how to build a core wardrobe of basics with enough variety to keep it from getting boring and how to match these varieties without looking like a slob.

Here are some tips to help women build their casual attire:

Buy your casual clothes the same way you would buy career clothes: always thinking about building your best womens casual attire wardrobe. For example, when choosing your casual wear for women, choose cohesive pieces and build them around basic styles. For casual clothing the best approach is three colors for the best mix-and-match wardrobe - khaki, denim, tan; black, khaki, white; etc.

And please don't forget about a great casual shoe because nothing kills a chics sporty casual attire like a pair of white running shoes. Stick with a pair of boots or sandals, etc. You probably won't get stopped by the "bad wardrobe police" with boots and they go with almost all casual clothing.

Use casual accessories and handbags -- especially when it comes to casual wear for women. No two worlds are more distant from one another than the classic look and womens casual attire. Please don't try to mix a gold and diamond watch with a sweatshirt unless you're Queen Latifah. Try to stay away from mixing styles.

Keep your casual clothes in good shape -- don't be lazy if they need to be ironed then iron them, if they need to be cleaned then clean them, you get the point.

Stay far away from womens casual wear cliches - like baggy sweats. Baggy sweats is for lounging around the house only and if you are certain no one will see you out of your standard casual clothes. Remember today you might have a reputation to up hold. Instead, opt for some in style womens attire, a great track suit that comes with a strong fitted look in fun colors and rich fabrics like velor or terry.

Don't get ridiculous or outrageous about casual attire for women. Remember it is just a style which can be fun and look good at the same time. So, if you're working in the garden or cleaning the house, then wear whatever works for you and leave your casual clothes for those right days.

Author: Bowe Packer is the webmaster and content provider for His website: is dedicated to providing free fashion advice and tips for women. Offering excellent tips and strategies for women to look good in the areas of Casual, Petite Size, Plus Size clothing, as well as dress, athletic and casual shoes. You can reach him at:

Womens Casual Clothing Fashion

Women Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Curly hairstyles present a look that can go with any occasion. Many people with curly hair often desire straight hair and those with straight hairstyles envy curly tresses. Curly hairstyles can be worn by anyone and everyone. If you've got curly hair and it tends to frizz, use a heavy-weight gel or a relaxing balm and let your hair dry naturally. There are plenty of hairstyles with curls because the curls append an extra touch to the hairstyles that cannot be duplicated. Hairstyles with curls, can get frizzy, stressed, split ends, and other hair damaging types. Women with medium curly hairstyles will have to keep additional care of their hair because hair is in medium state where damaged edges and poofy hair likes to appear. Short hairstyles and medium hairstyles look superb with the addition of some curly strands. Curly hair is completely different from straight hair. Its structure is different and its needs are different.

Curly hair styles that look wonderful are the natural result of combining those two essential ingredients - the curly hair cut, and the curly hair care. Long curly hair can be styled into bouncy ringlets for a new look. Tight curls can be exotic. Short curly hairstyles can be cut casually to lend a stylish appearance. There are so many ways to create curls.

Using a diffuser will give the effect of loose, bouncy curls while a curling iron will allow you to choose the size of your ringlets or for a more textured curl, give the new triple barrel curling iron a try. When styling your curly or wavy hair you will want to use a comb or a pick. It is not a good idea to use a brush, as brushes make your curly hair frizz out.

For tighter curls you can wrap your hair around a pencil and dry it with a diffuser, you can use smaller hot roller, or you can use a small barrel curling iron.

Color for curly hair is good. Either lighter or darker to give the hair more dimension. Since curly hair does not reflect light like a smooth surface using color is a wonderful way to create an illusion of shine. Long curly hair can be arranged in an up do. Leave some loose tendrils on the side for a soft and romantic look. With careful styling, even a pony tail can look great on long curly hair. Liven it up with exciting accessories. Longer curly hairstyles call for more maintenance. Shine spray is also good as curly hair does not reflect light like straight hair. For a straight look use Rusk str8 anti-frizz lotion. Comb thru hair and natural dry or blow on a low heat setting.

Hairstyle Ideas and Tips For Curly Hair:

1. Maintain superior hair care with moisturizing shampoos, conditioners, and gels to insure outstanding hairstyles.

2. Ringlets are an interesting way add curls to hairstyles without much work.

3. There are many ways to style curly locks for woman without natural curls, try a number of styling practices for distinct hairstyles.

4. There are many curly hairstyle goods available, use high quality items that are favorable for your hair.

5. If you can, visit the curly hair institute, it is an institute just for curly hairstyles.

6. Do not let the curly strands get too frizzy or poofy unless that's the style you are looking for.

Author: Juliet Cohen writes articles on hair care tips and punk hair style. She also writes articles on skin care tips.

Women Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Brief history of Italian Fashion

Italy and Fashion have a very unique and special relationship, and when you consider such names as Dolce&Gabbana, Versace and Armani, to name but a few, it's not difficult to see why. But if we look back into the history of Italian Fashion, (e.g. see also the article on Nina Ricci) we start to understand what gave Italy such a status in the Fashion World.

Count Giorgini started the 'Italian Fashion' craze in 1951, when he organised a fashion show to be presented to an International audience in Florence. He then continued to present other fashion shows at his palace, presenting new collections modeled by nobility against a backdrop of fine arts and scenery. Nobilty would also model new collections at museums or exhibitions next to famous pieces of fine art. This all contributed to elevating the status of Italian fashion, and implanting in everyone's minds that Italian fashion gives you status, is very rich in quality,and almost 'fairytale' like.

In the 1970s and 1980s Milan made its mark as being the Fashion Capital of Italy, and the phrase Made in Italy became universally recognized as meaning 'high quality', and 'high fashion'. Many trade fairs are regularly held in Milan, and it regarded by many as the 'Fashion Capital' of the World.

Author: Juliana de Angelis is a travel writer about more articles, travel guides and information about Italy, its people and culture at her website:

Brief history of Italian Fashion

Choosing Wonderful Winter Fashions

When the days grow shorter and the weather grows colder, you know it’s time to bring out your winter wardrobe! Usually, piece of your winter wardrobe can be worn year after year, so keep this in mind when you are purchasing new or replacement items. You may need to spend a bit more money on items made from quality materials, but your investment today will allow you to wear these pieces winter after winter. All winter wardrobes need four key pieces that you can add a variety of accessories to in order to create unique outfits each and every time. Winter clothing can be a bit more costly due to the materials used, so the ability to stretch your wardrobe as far as possible is key for those on a tight budget. Your winter wardrobe should include:

1.) A cozy winter coat – Know how to select the right coat

Few things are more rewarding than slipping into a warm, cozy coat before walking out into the wind and inclimate weather. The most adaptable coat is by far a wool number that you can transition from casual wear with your favorite jeans to business wear as a topper for a smart suit to formal wear as a way to keep you warm while attending all those holiday parties. Whatever coat you decide to purchase, find one that is classic enough to last you season after season so that it will not have to be replaced next year since it is out of style.

2.) Classic wool pants to die for

A great pair of wool pants is perfect for a day at the office or a night at a lovely restaurant. Purchase a pair that will last you year after year, so ensure the texture, color, and style are classic enough to get the most wear for your money. Be sure that the pants are fully lined to as to avoid any potential itchiness or bulkiness that is usually associated with unlined pants. Also, make sure the length is correct so that you do not drag the hem through the slush and snow.

3.) Velvet skirt savvy

Winter is usually associated with an onslaught of holiday parties. Finding that perfect velvet skirt is an excellent staple that will allow you wear year after year. Choose a skirt that is pure velvet and not a man made fabric that will not hold up to continual wear. Also, look for a length that is classic and will not need raising or lowering to fit the hemline fads of that specific year.

Author: Bridget Allen has worked for many years in the fashion industry, at a senior level, and she has written an amazing totally free fashionista minicourse that will thrill, entertain, and most importantly educate you about what you absolutely need to know about fashion. Get the free course "Fashionista Essentials" now at

Choosing Wonderful Winter Fashions

Fall 2006 Fashion

Fashion week is over in New York City and fall styles have been released. It always amazes me to be talking about fall styles when spring has not even sprung yet. Here it is! Colors are dark and neutral but accessories are sizzling and spruce up those colors of the evening. There is plenty to keep from this winter season and plenty to get rid of.

Let us start with colors. Think of nightfall when it comes to fall color according to Pantone. The colors are very dark and neutral. Black is always in, dominated the runways by far from other colors. Brown known this season as Italian plum is still big. You will see a touch of garnet, spicy orange and purple drab. You may have to look hard, but they will be there. There will also be doe, a taupe color and griffin, good old gray. The color that tops all and is a must have for the season is deep cobalt, otherwise known as navy. Navy is being paired with all of the above including brown. You will see navy sweaters with brown skirts. Black dominated but had a touch of one of the colors above added to the outfit. There was plenty of play with different shades of black; it is not just solid black this season. Find it in shears, embroidery, and used in all different ways.

So pack away your blacks and browns from this season and pull them out in the fall. Add to your wardrobe plenty of navy and a touch of gray. There will be a touch of animal prints. Leopard is always a popular choice but zebra is the season's hottest choice. Get a short zebra pencil skirt (along with a black one) with a black or brown sweater or a jacket with faux fur trim; add opaque black tights and knee high boots and you are on your way to being in fashion for the fall. Remember a little animal print goes a long way. You want it to accentuate your outfit not overpower it.

Spring fashions have brought in a-line skirts, full skirts and bubble skirts. These will be carried over into the fall so hold on to them. The fall will add mini and short pencil skirts. Black pencil skirts are a staple for your wardrobe. Shirt dresses and sheaths are back and looking very sophisticated. Dresses have been making a come back the past year and are still riding on that trend. Grey trousers are a must have addition. Pants waistlines are on the rise, still at the hips but not as low as they were. Pair them up with a great fabric belt with a fancy buckle to set it off. No more boot leg cut, skinny pants and jeans are in. Hold on to the jackets, they are still a big item. Velvet and suede jackets are hot as well as any with faux fur collars. Cashmere coats trimmed in faux fur or shearling will be a great luxury item.

Colors and clothing for fall are the styles of the night. So drab you say? Not really, they are sexy, feminine and sophisticated. Accessories and embellishments will set them apart and make them exciting. This will be the year for fabulous accessories that will bring those nighttime colors into the day. Of course, they light up the evenings also.

Author: Mary Bailis is a designer and owner of an online custom handbag and accessory boutique. She enjoys fashion, reading, being creative, exercising, nature and spending as much time with her three beautiful children.

Fall 2006 Fashion

How to Look Fashionable on a Budget

Everyone wants to look "in style", no matter if they work full time or stay at home. For many of us, keeping up with the trends, and updating our closets can get pretty expensive. Many times you hear women, especially new mothers, saying that they just don't have the extra money it takes to look fashionable. Even though money can be tight for any of us, mothers or not, looking your best does not have to break your bank account. Here are some easy tips for looking your best on a limited budget:

1) Look for catalogs online that offer "defered payment". The most popular ones out there today are Chadwicks, Newport News, Speigel, and Lerner. They don't always offer this, so register your email address with them, and very quickly you should start receiving invites from them to use their "90 day deferred billing option".

Use a debit card if you can, but make sure that whatever your total is, you start saving that amount NOW. For instance, 90 days, or 3 months, should give you plenty of time to save enough money to cover your costs. For instance, if you stopped spending $4.00 day on a gourmet coffee drink, multiply that by 5 ($20.00), multiply that by 4 ($100.00), and you could in reality spend $300.00 on a new wardrobe, and have the money to pay for it in those 3 months.

2) Organize your friends/coworkers and have a "clothes swap" party. All of us have things we don't wear anymore, or can't fit into. Instead of donating them to Goodwill, throw a girly party, include handbags, shoes, etc. You would be amazed how many really nice things your friends are willing to part with.

3) Visit Consignment Shops in Wealthy parts of town. The clothes that are for sale at these shops are usually high quality, sometimes "haute couture" clothing. The prices may be a little higher than a Goodwill store, but if you are looking for more "trendy" looks, this is the place to start.

4) eBay - where else can you shop for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you could imagine? My favorite thing to do is go into an expensive boutique here in town, and find THE best pair of shoes that I HAVE to have. I take note of the brand/name/price, and then go home and see if they are listed on eBay. 9 times out of 10, they are and I can guarantee that they are cheaper on this site. If you have anything you want to sell on eBay, that money that you make selling your item, can sit in your PayPal account, and you can turn around and use it to buy your new "in style" item.

Hopefully the following tips have been able to help you see that you too can look fashionable even if you don't have an endless amount of cash to spend on your wardrobe. Happy Shopping!

Author: S.W. Chadwick has been working in online businesses from home since 2000. She has written dozens of articles regarding entrepreneurial pursuits, beauty and other online businesses. To learn more about free fashion/beauty/diet advice please visit

How to Look Fashionable on a Budget

Latest Fashion Trends in Unique Handbags and Purses

If you’re looking for something a little different, there are literally thousands of beautifully crafted unique handbags and purses available for purchase online. If you’re tired of the mass-produced offerings you tend to find at the mall, the online handbag, purse and fashion accessory market is an exciting and exotic new world.

The variety of unique handbag and purse designs keeps getting bigger, better and more innovative all the time, but as with every kind of fashion accessory, interesting trends emerge with every new season. Here is a brief rundown of what’s coming in unique purses and handbags in 2006.

Cloth Purses

Cloth purses are very casual fashion items, so colorful fabrics and whimsical patterns are the strongest trend. If you love bold colors and striking contrasts you’ll have a great time shopping for cloth purses this season.

A cloth purse is mostly a spring/summer fashion accessory, so expect to see warm colors, and light breezy cotton or nylon fabrics. Fresh, summery patterned fabrics with flowers, fruits and ladybugs are always popular.

Also very fashionable is the clever and practical reversible cloth purse. You can literally turn the purse inside out to reveal the alternative fabric pattern, so you have two purses in one.

Monogrammed handbags

Monogrammed bags and purses never really go out of style, and this season we’ll see a huge range of colors, shapes sizes and styles.

A strong upcoming trend is leather sling hipster handbags with elegantly embossed initials or a name. Soft leather is a beautiful fabric for handbags because it’s durable, always very stylish, and it goes with everything. Sling handbags are very comfortable to carry, and perfect either for business or as a casual accessory.

Monogrammed tote bags

Tote bags are the most casual fashion accessory of all, and perfect for the beach, for picnics, or for a little shopping. Monogrammed tote bags are also great for kids to carry their school books or gym clothes, and having their initials or name printed on the bag means they won’t lose it.

Soft cotton canvas is the classic fabric for tote bags, and we’ll see an abundance of canvas tote bags this season.

The big trend for monogrammed tote bags will be big initials, printed across the whole side panel of the bag in big, bold colors. A single first initial of your first name as a monogram has a casual, whimsical kind of feel.

Dog purses

Everyone loves dogs, which is why the fashion for handbags, tote bags and purses decorated with a full panel photo of a gorgeous dachshund, poodle, beagle, yorkie or dalmatian just keeps getting stronger and stronger every year. Dog purses are a great gift idea for anyone whose best friend is their beloved hound.

Custom-made dog purses are also becoming more and more popular. You can have your own photograph of your dog printed onto a handbag, so your bag, like your dog, will be truly one of a kind.

Photo purses

Photo purses are simply ultra-cool, and the most individual and personal of fashion statements. You can have your own photo of anything you like printed onto a purse or handbag, like a special person in your life, your cat, dog or bird, or even your car.

A very trendy idea is to use a romantic old photograph of a relative as a model for your photo purse, so you can cherish their memory wherever you go.

Initial purses

Initial purses are a fashion accessory with a personal touch, and they make wonderful gifts. You can have just about any kind of purse printed, embroidered or embossed with a single initial or set of two or three initials in a wide variety of styles.

As for handbags, leather will be a big trend in the upcoming season for purses. We’ll see lots of small leather purses with a comfortable sling shoulder strap, elegantly embossed with two or three initials.

Cigar box purses

Cigar box purses are another strong trend for the coming year. They’re literally made from a wooden cigar box, fitted with a clasp and a handle, and embossed with an artistic or photographic image.

The most fashionable cigar box purses are decorated with advertising images from the glamorous 1920’s and 30’s. European advertising artwork from that period has a particularly elegant and alluring style, so we’ll be seeing a lot of Cinzano, Cognac and French Perfume labels on cigar box purses.

Hobo purses

Hobo purses can be cool and casual for shopping, or groovy and glamorous to go with evening wear.

Casual style hobo purses come in suede or leather, and soft colors like pastel pinks, beige, cream and white are very much in vogue.

A new look for hobo purses which is on the way in is a small purse in a gold or silver mesh fabric, or even ultra-glamorous sequins and rhinestones. These purses are a new take on the traditional evening purse, and make an eye-catching alternative.

Clutch handbags

Clutch purses and handbags have an elegant, streamlined look, but they’re the perfect size to carry all those little necessities.

The big look for clutch purses and clutch handbags in the coming year will be all glamour. Shiny metallic gold, silver, bronze and platinum shades will be the strong colors of the season, in soft suede leather.

Author: Lynn Donn is the webmaster for Her website offers tips and information on all the latest trends in purses and handbags for the fashion enthusiast.

Latest Fashion Trends in Unique Handbags and Purses

The Plus Size Fashion Trends

The Plus Size Fashion Statement, Who can say what your statement is for this year or next year? Will that person is you! Everyone of us has our own likes, dislikes, body shapes, sizes, and life styles. I know its so so wonderful to see our favorite stars in magazines dressed in some of the most amazing Denim, in the latest styles. And you say to yourself, I could never look them, right!

First, ask yourself what your comfort zone is, a loose fit, maybe very tailored or tight. Dress it up with pearls, the guys with a tie, accessorize, go crazy, remember its about your comfort zone not anyone-else just YOU. Add some long fun beads, a chunky necklace, or an armful of bangles. Don't forget to accessorize. Add a hat, a belt, or how about suspenders just for kicks. Add a fitted blazer to that denim skirt, add some heals to your favorite pair of jeans. Try a pair of the ever popular wedge shoes with any of your denim items.

You may be your a painter and functional is more important, or an office executive where a suit is preferred and is more critical. Whatever the situation remember its about you and your comfort zone.

Today there are so many more choices for the plus size woman to choose from, finally retailers and fashion designers are seeing a market for plus size jeans "its kind of strange because the plus size figure has been around for a long time"

For women with small waists and wider hips Apple Bottoms and Baby Phat Jeans have included New Collections for Plus Sizes for Women and ladies these jeans really do fit, no hanging too loose one place too tight in another. They are designed so they don't gape at the waist. Check them out you want be disappointed.

There are a host of denim designers and manufacturers offering jeans of various cuts, mini skirts, bustle skirts, form fitting dresses, flowing dresses, capri pants, denim shirts, vests, hats, denim belts, denim shoes, the list goes on and on.

If you want to get some great ideas of what you can do with your denim I recommend you visit or or my site for even more great jeans Designers

Denim is comfortable, durable, wearable, and more fashionable than ever before. So enjoy your denim and accessorize it up or down to whatever the occasion. So have fun all the way up to your comfort zone! The Plus Size Fashion Statement. Trends Moving Forward.

Author: William Wynn a Fashion Designer and Manufacturer of apparel for over 15 years. So stop by and visit me at for more great clothing.

The Plus Size Fashion Trends

Women's Sleepwear Speaks About Fashion Statement

Women's sleep wear are also called nightdress, nightclothes, or nightwear. It is a clothing created for sleeping purposes. It is worn by women who really feel comfortable with it because some would rather prefer to sleep naked or only in a particular type of underwear. The type of nightwear being may also depend on the season. Take for instance; some women are wearing nightdresses only on winter. But now, using it is another way of following the latest trends in fashion.

There are several types of women's sleep wear and each has specific features that will cater into the different preferences, styles, and needs of every women. Take enough time in educating yourself with various styles and get inspiration from its different looks and appeal so that you can create your own fashion statement.

-A night wear which is really intended for women is a babydoll, popularly known as negligee or short nightgown. The garment is usually trimmed with ruffles, lace, appliqués, ribbons, bows, and Marabou fur which can be designed optionally with spaghetti straps. The materials used are either translucent fabrics (silk, chiffon, or nylon) or sheer. A babydoll is considered a provocative dress resembling minidresses which have six inches hemline above the knees and hollow designs on the necks.

-The most popular loosely designed night apparel for women is a nightgown or nightie which is made of materials such as nylon, satin, silk, and cotton. Its length may vary. It can either be a hip-length or a floor length nightgown. However the usual length is knee length. A nightgown can be decorated with embroidery and lace appliqués on the hemlines and cups.

-The women's sleep wear which is only intended for bedroom and night use is the negligee. It was introduced during the eighteenth century in France where it copied the designs of the day dresses of women that time. However, the alteration of its designs with lace trimming, bows, and translucent bodices lead in considering it as lingerie. The modern designs revealed fabrics sewn in multiple layers giving a more fine emphasis on women's bed-capes and bedjackets.

-The simple garment worn by women next to their skin to protect their clothes from body oils and sweat is called chemise, shift or smock.

-Lingerie is a women's sleepwear which is now considered as undergarments.

-The special type of shirt which can be used for sleeping is called a nightshirt. This is a bedtime garment patterned in the undergarments of Europeans during the nineteenth century.

-The type of a long nightgown that is usually chiffon made with a sheer design is referred to as peignoir. It is worn without underwear however it is usually sold with panties attached to it.

Today, women's sleepwear continuously dominates the fashion preferences of most women. Some women wear it on public to express their idea that these comfortable sleep dresses could be elevated for legal public use. There are women, who also experimented in using it together with their denim shirts, jeans, sweaters, and blazers.

The versatility of sleepwear truly opens the creative horizons of women. Sleepwear is not anymore for indoor or bedroom use only. It can be a beautiful outer wear which can be worn with or without accompaniments. Women will really feel sexy, cute, and comfortable besides fashion is also a matter of confidence for them.

Author: Mario Churchill is a freelance author and has written over 200 articles on various subjects. For more information checkout and

An Old-Fashioned Christmas For Today

You can enjoy the simplicity and beauty of an old-fashioned Christmas. It can make Christmas less stressful and more enjoyable.

Do you want to have a Christmas full of joy, instead of a Christmas full of stress? Most people feel exactly the same way that you do, but instead they go through the Christmas season feeling stressed and tired.

You can have a joyful Christmas season. There are many different ways to make your Christmas season more fun and less stressful. The best thing that you can do is to try to simplify your Christmas. If you think about your favorite Christmases from your childhood, you probably remember more times of simple fun, rather than chaotic stress. You only have to plan and prepare to make this a Christmas that you can enjoy now.

Enjoying the simplicity and beauty of an old-fashioned Christmas can decrease your stress level and be very easy. You don't have to go back to no electricity to make your Christmas more old-fashioned and simple. You only have to choose some parts of that time that will make your Christmas more enjoyable. You can help fill your home with Christmas spirit simply by using your three senses.

* Pleasing to the Eye - What do you think of when you think of when you consider an old-fashioned Christmas? If you are like most people, candy canes, popcorn strands, and homemade Ginger cookies on the Christmas tree come to mind. Making a popcorn strand is very simple and it can be a fun, quality family project that your kids will love and enjoy making. Using cookies as a decoration may not be very functional, but you could just use the cookie cutters on your tree or use them as a napkin ring.

* Pleasing to the Ear - "Sleigh bells ring. Are you listening?" Adding sleigh bells to your home can help create a pleasant Christmas sound to the ears. If you don't have a reindeer out in the yard then hang them on your doorknob. This is a great way to welcome your holiday guests.

Hearing the squeals of laughter occurs quite frequently during the Christmas season. From opening presents to decorating your home, the holidays are a source of great fun and laughter for every member of the family. You may want to consider using toys for decorating your home.

* Pleasing to the Nose - Some of the favorite scents of the holidays include spices, baked goods, evergreen, and bayberry. You can find Christmas decorations that fit both your eyes and nose. For example, fir branches with a red bow would look beautiful above a doorway. Scented candles will look great in your windows. Cooking cookies also helps to add a delicious smell to your entire home.

Having an old-fashioned Christmas does not mean that you have to sacrifice your worldly goods. It simply means that you want to have a more simple, enjoyable Christmas, without many of the stresses. Isn't that what you desire?

Author: Adam Peters contributes adding content to A website with tips on ornaments at

Contemporary Fashion Design : Today and tomorrow

Those who says that fashion is one of the most important puerile way to present oneself perhaps lives outside the contemporary world. As fashion is not only is the fad to show once bode but at the same time feel at ease in the society. For many it may be the matter of prestige, so what’s wrong in it? After all every body loves to be cynosure of all eyes in a gathering and if that person is the celebrity in general and woman in particular then nobody complains.

Fashion Design is covetous to today’s youth as it is related to glamour, money and fame. Therefore in the contemporary fashion design the design presently in vogue is being taught as the subject to the budding designers who want to earn their diurnal wages through it. Earlier, people were not showing any inclination to join the courses pertaining to fashion design, but now a huge wave of fashion has swept every body there is mad rush of people running after it.

But why the design and especially the fashion which was despicable a decade ago have shot to this lime light and has become the craze of generation next. Well there have been other sources also which has acted as the catalyst in the growth of the fashion in the present time. The opening of the media and entry of the private channels in not just in the eastern part of the world but there has been the exchange of information from one part of globe to the other part has bolstered the influence of sexy design and outfit.

The growth of the entertainment industry has been tremendous and this has opened the gate for the courses of fashion design. Countries where fashion was seen as the attack on the culture and history, it has rather helped to enriched the culture of the nation by bringing in the new technology and at the same time showcased the local design in large number on channel as the staple diet of the people.

So, design which was scorned for maligning the culture suddenly found the new breadth and help preserving the local art and culture. This has helped the fashion design to grow in large scale across the countries of the globe. If we take the example of the India, we would find, since Indian culture has been considered free from the influence of the foreign design, the entry of the satellite TV in the country has created a lot of hue and cry by the local fundamentalist group as the invasion on the Indian culture. The MTV, V Channel were demonized as label as the serving the porn to the youth of the country by showing most of the western program.

But now the most of the program of these channels have become Indianized and showing more of the design having the local fervor. With the advent of this, the fashion design has come up as a big industry in the country and people are showing more variety coming not only from the urban centre but also from the very interior part of the country. Now the fashion design has emerged as the experienced industry in the country which is trying to experiment and making something very innovative to the world at large.

Author: Nisha Sharma is a staff writer at She writes for various subject on women issues i.e fashion, love, datig and relationship. You can reach her at

Female Fashion Magazine : What they Really Want

The moment fashion pops up in any discussion the figure of the sexy female starts to reverberate in the mind. But why it is so? That because is the vanguard of fashion, makeup and beauty. But that doesn’t mean that her counterpart that is male is behind the fashion scene. Nowadays, the so-called metro-sexual male of the society are equally conscious about the fashion and taking on the beauty tips which were earlier thought to be the jewelry of a woman.

As the fashion is synonymous with the female, the market has been flood with the female fashion magazine. The female fashion magazine market was completely untapped and with the foray of fashion magazine on female a new wave of fashion transpired in the society and it has brought the see change in the fashion world of woman and magazine business has also savor a new record of sale.

It’s very interesting to note that fashion magazine for the woman’s have been an instant hit in the market. Earlier women find it hard to go in for home made beauty tips but now these magazines have greatly helped woman to use the homely beauty tips to increase their beauty and that too at the affordable rate. This has saved many a woman’s time which they use to spend in the beauty saloon for make up and all.

But what all these fashion magazine contain which has made it such a grandeur success in the strong hold of women world. It’s about everything related to a woman. From beauty tip to look attractive, to fitness tip that helps them to maintain their shape, to health related query which support a good health for them to the latest fashion in the market. So, you name anything and these fashion magazines will have it in there next issue. So, this has become a savior for a woman to look attractive, fit, sexy and healthy.

These fashion magazines have brought a boom in the life of a woman because by reading these magazines a great transformation has been brought in their life. The advantage a woman has got through these magazines the opportunities available in the market regarding the fashion has been brought to the door steps of a woman. They have become more aware and fashion conscious by reading these magazines.

We may say that this has brought the positive changes in the women world as we would find more transcribe of models in the girl of our next door neighbor. This may raise the eye brow of people for whom the fashion is polluting the naïve mind but trust me these magazines have brought more confidence in the woman of 21st century.

Whatsoever we want to call about these fashion magazines but there has been no deny that these magazine has not just changed the life of the woman but it has helped in the growth of the fashion world also. Because these fashion magazine has popularized the latest dresses and style amongst the mass and female fashion is the largest among all. So, let’s cheers the success of female fashion magazines in the market.

Author: Nisha Sharma is a staff writer at She writes for various subject on women issues i.e fashion, love, datig and relationship. You can reach her at

Generation-X Fashion Designer and Their Atitude

As the saying goes “Clothes make the man”, therefore it is very clear the clothe does make an impression. But who comes as the rescuer in the today’s time is the Generation-X who has entered with full swing in the fashion industry as the fashion designer. They have brought the new designer which has instigated the unease in the old designers. The fashion industry in the world is going through a boom phase. The export of the clothing material by the Eastern Countries to the Western Countries in the raw form, have increase the opportunities for the developing countries as a whole.

This upsurge in the fashion has given many fashion designers a chance to show their talent in the world arena. Earlier fashion and fashion designers were synonymous with the Paris, the world capital of the fashion, but now the designers of some uncharted territories are making rave review and because of this now the focus of fashion from the Paris has dwindled a lot. One can now name Shanghai, Mumbai, New York and London with the fashion and wild design.

Women in particular are making a beeline to be in the industry and it has in a way helped to increase the influence of women designers in designer world. Well, these designers know the requirement of today’s woman more specifically as the women are the largest customer in the market for the designer product. Therefore, women fashion designers are welcomed whole heartedly.

But are the fashion of male fashion designer has been a neglected. No, rather the male and female fashion designers are in market and every body is making a niche for them. Therefore, gender is becoming more redundant in the present day context, but the innovative and creative designs by these fashion designers are commendable.

These fashion designers are bringing in the new technology from computers to everything, from different clothes material and designs from the history and everywhere. They are making the ramp abuzz with their new style, sexy designs and what not. The other greatest things about these designers are that they are making everything looks perfect. They have been suggesting the hairdo’s of the models. They are into makeup, foot wear, jewelry, and other fashion accessories like watch, tops and bangles to goggles. Phew!! Great.

But why younger people are are getting into this world as fashion designers. Because of the instant fame and money involve in this business. Though the road for the success in very difficult and hard but they have been here because the money flow in the work has been great even if they don’t get the big success the avenue are very good for large number of people because big fashion house requires the budding talent as fashion designer to churn out the new design catering to the desires of the fashion hungry people of the present world.

Author: Nisha Sharma is a staff writer at She writes for various subject on women issues i.e fashion, love, datig and relationship. You can reach her at

Men's Wallets Are A Fashion Accessory

Women take a great deal of time to choose their handbags and wallets recognizing them as a wardrobe accessory. Men are less likely to see it that way. But in fact men's wallets are a fashion accessory and men need to learn to consider them as such.

Men don't have quite the options that women do. There are much fewer designs providing men's wallets and fewer styles to choose from. Perhaps this is because men don't generally show a lot of interest in designs or perhaps if they had more choices men would be more interested in their options.

But there is no question - although your choices may be more limited you've certainly got some great options.

1. Montblanc Meisterstruck

Montblanc has been producing quality product for 100 years. And although they began as a manufacturer of writing instruments during 1935 they began to produce leather goods. Their line of black calfskin wallets with the Montblanc star logo are very impressive.

2. Must De Cartier

Cartier a name you can trust in jewelry is also a name you can trust in luxurious men's leather wallets. They've been producing the Must De Cartier line since 1974. The burgundy raspberry leather is an extension of Cartier's red. And although burgundy and gold might not be for every man, those comfortable in their skin tend to love it!

3. Louis Vuitton Monogrammed Canvas Wallet

Vuitton has been producing monogrammed canvas for at least 100 years so it really doesn't get much more classic than this. And it's just as popular today as it was when it was first introduced. Check out the wonderful graffiti canvas with the red cherries. This fabulous rainbow of colors is hard to beat!

4. Prada Pocone Nylon Wallet

It was back in the late 1970s that Prada became a name known and trusted for their luxurious handbags, wallets, and luggage. From leather to nylon Prada has it all to offer.

5. Bottega Veneta Woven Leather Wallet

This is this decades show piece that is positioned to become the next Hermes. Perhaps it's the elitist appeal that's made it so popular. Here you get handcrafted Napa leather in both the wallets and handbags. The world looks differently at those with Bottega.

6. Burberry Wallet

Will that be camel, black, red, or white? These are the colors Burberry is so well known for. They've been producing wallets and handbags since the 1920s and today they are as popular if not more popular then ever before. This is a line that won't go unnoticed.

These are 6 choices that definitely worth checking out. Of course there are plenty more options. All you need to do is a quick search and you'll be pleasantly surprised with your options. Whether you choose a designer wallet or a name you've never heard of before really doesn't matter much. It's all about the statement!

So guys perhaps it is time you spend more time analyzing men's wallets before you make your purchase. Your wallet can be a fashion accessory for you.

Author: Jaclyn Stickney has taken many classes and workshops on wallet making which covers the latest fashion trends and styles. She has a collection of wallets that is a tribute to her hobby of collecting unique and trendy wallets that have come and gone over the years. At, Jaclyn will give you insider information on the latest designs and trends from industry reps.

meFashion 2007

Men's Fashion Tips: Matching Mens Shoes with Suits or Pants

I have received many queries by readers on how to match their shoes against their other mens clothing, like suit or pants. Actually it is not as difficult as they think it is since the choices of colors for men's shoes are quite limited. Unless you have a taste for extraordinary colors, otherwise there should not be much problem coordinating dress shoes.

Always remember that formality of dress shoes begins from the darkness of its color. For example, black is always the most formal color while light brown is the least formal. So you should match your shoes against your suits or pants based on the occasion. If you are attending a formal business dinner, then naturally black shoes are your ultimate choice rather than brown shoes.

Of late, there are more men wearing light brown or camel colored dress shoes against their dark colored suits or pants. These high contrast creates a very trendy style which I personally like. However, we should also note that this combination gives a more casual feel toward it.

What if the suit or pants are brown-based colors like olive or chocolate colors? Must we definitely wear it against brown shoes? Not necessarily, black shoes are just as fine. Of course, brown shoes would let the color flow very smoothly but black is still a color that can fit nicely. Remember that black is the color for formal.

Lace-up shoes are one step better than slip-ons for their formality. At the same time, lace-ups are split into Balmoral and Blucher types. Refer to Mens Dress Shoes Styles for their differences. The latter is always considered less formal because of its open throat design.

So remember that whether you want a formal or casual look would depend on your choice of two criteria: the dress shoe style and its color. My brother actually has a gray shoe that is blucher styled with pointed tip and polished patented leather. Due to these various combinations, his dress shoe actually looked almost formal against dark colored pants and yet with a tinge of stylishness.

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Men's Fashion Coordination: Color Matching Against Your Skin Complexion

One of the biggest fashion questions for men is usually the lack of understanding on how to color coordinate and look sharp and smart. In order to stay safe, we always see men wearing clothes with colors maintained within navy, blue tones, black and white, or khakis. While I strongly believe that men can definitely move out of these colors as men’s fashion has evolved tremendously.

We are experiencing men’s clothing which are colored more vibrantly and playing with more patterns at the same time. So what colors should we settle for? We should always wear colors that either warms up our face or bring focus toward it. The most common mistake is men thinks that wearing white is the best of choice since it is considered a universal color. Unfortunately, it is not the case because pale skinned men with light colored hair looks very much paler with white shirts.

It would be better to actually wear earthy colored shirts or medium blue colored shirts. These two tones of colors help to warm up their faces and create more attention toward the face rather the clothing. What about men with highly differentiated complexion and hair colors like light-colored skin with dark hair?

This group of men actually has a lot of rooms to play around with colors. They can easily wear shirts that are light colored or dark colored and yet not shift the focal point away from the face. Men with medium differentiation, for example tanned skin with dark-colored hair, are more suitable to settle for lighter colored shirts rather than dark colored ones. The dark colored shirts against the skin and hair will create a heavily toned down look and not brighten up his face.

Author: Leroy Fong. To learn more on the art of men's fashion coordination, refer to my ebook:

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