Mens Fashion Tips - 16 Fashion Tips All Men Should Read

Why should you be concerned of the way you look?

There are plenty of reasons! Dressing the part plays a major role in many aspects of your life. Think about your work, your romantic life and your day to day activities.

It's all about perception, I've seen many people get promoted simply due to the fact that they have always looked professional. Maybe looking professional didn't get them the job but at least it got them the interview! Most women also appreciate a man who knows how to dress, it makes them feel like their man is confident and accomplished. Perception is key in day to day activities and the way you dress has a huge impact on it.

It's a proven fact that it takes only 30 seconds for someone to make up their mind on what they think about you. Imagine if you look like a clown? I'm sure you get the picture.

We should all take advantage of this and make sure we look our best in our day to day activities in case we have a chance for that special promotion, in case we meet that special someone, or simply just to look and feel fantastic!

Here is a list of tips to help you and fashion mistakes to avoid!

1. Socks should match your pants. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

2. Belts should match your shoes. Not every one is color blind like you ;).

3. Never wear both a belt and suspenders. The combination makes you appear less confident - you big wuss.

4. Ties should reach your belt line. This is simply the rule. A short tie makes you look like a dufus.

5. Properly knotted ties have a "dimple" under the knot. Sort of like one of Mario Lopez's cheeks... Btw, Clips and tacks are out of date.

6. Your shoes should be clean, shined, repaired and appropriate for the occasion. If you are wearing a suit, wear lace-up shoes. Don't forget to keep shoetrees in your shoes when you're not wearing them.

7. Don't wear a short sleeve shirt in combination with a tie. Actually, never wear a short sleeve shirt period. People have the perception that short sleeve shirts are only worn by lower class people. You can wear one if you want to be a McDonald's manager, not if you want to exude a professional look.

8. The Button-Down collar dress shirt is simply not suitable for dressy formal wear nor with a double-breasted suit. Why? Well even though it's now a business classic during the day, it was originally a sport shirt worn by polo players.

9. Wear the right size pants ok? Pants are long enough if they have a slight break in the front. Pants should have enough length to cover up your socks, and your socks should be long enough to cover your shins even when you're legs are crossed. Pleats and cuffs both should be treated with respect. Pleats let you walk comfortably while looking professional and help a bigger man look great while cuffs will add weight to the bottoms of your pants sometimes giving them the perfect drape.

10. Socks with Sandals. Even if you live in Maine, don't do it - you'll look like a schmuck.

11. Chunky Shoes. Lose them, the Axel Rose era is over.

12. Backpacks. Alright, maybe this is just a minor mistake, but you're trying to climb the corporate ladder, not hike up mount everest.

13. Clashing or too many colors. Do you really want to look like a gay pride flag? Stick to complementary colors (those opposite from each other on the color wheel) or colors from the same pallet. You can find one on the web very easily by searching on google!

14. Ponytails. You're not the rock star of your office. Spend the 20$ for a haircut, you can afford it.

15. Too much jewelry. Put the jewelry away P. Diddy or should we call you Puff Daddy? If you want to wear jewelry, opt for a classy pair of designer cufflinks.

16. Comb-overs. These shout insecurity. Shave it, lose it or cover it.

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Author: Alain Picard Cufflinks
Specialists in fashion accessories such as designer cufflinks and cool sports cufflinks

Mens Fashion Tips - 16 Fashion Tips All Men Should Read

Anne Klein Jewelry Watches - Practical Timepieces From a Visionary Fashion Designer

A native New Yorker, Anne Klein was born Hannah Golofski in 1923. She resided in New York her whole life.

Originally schooled as an artist in the 1930's, she began her work as a clothing designer in 1940. She wedded Ben Klein in 1939 at the year of eighteen and adopted his surname to become Anne Klein.

In 1948, Ms. Klein founded Junior Sophisticates to fashion outerwear for younger women and remained at the helm for almost twenty years. In 1968, she founded Anne Klein and Co. in conjunction with her second spouse Chip Rubinstein.

The next few years would be very successful ones for her. In 1969, she was awarded the Neiman-Marcus fashion leadership prize. The Coty Fashion Hall of fame chose to honor her name in 1971. And she shone alongside other design luminaries such as Yves St. Laurent, Pierre Cardin, and Christian Dior as she participated in the famous Versailles fashion show fund raiser for the estate in 1973.

Anne Klein was 51 years old in 1974 when she died after a struggle with cancer. Donna Karan then took charge to direct the business and stayed in place until she decided to step down and create her own business. Anne Klein and Company preserves its good name today as a standard-bearer in women's fashion, focusing on chic and practical styles.

Anne Klein Watches

Anne Klein is a relative newcomer to the watch making scene. They have done a great job, though, announcing many original models. Every Anne Klein branded watches over the last few years, each matching the company's penchant for elegance, practicality and, above all, stylishness.

When choosing an Anne Klein watch, be aware of several factors. Fashion, naturally, is most important. How well will it go with your outfit? What will be its frequency of use? If you like the look, evaluate the watch components. If it's intended for everyday use, ensure it's not going to scratch easily. Check the water resistance -- if you don't plan to remove it, ensure it can get wet without sustaining damage. Lastly, evaluate the warranty. These types of timepieces are often delicate, so you want to ensure you could have it repaired or exchanged if damage does occur.

Models vary in the full spectrum in worth from affordable ($50 or less) to reasonably-priced diamond timepieces ($500-$600). Anne Klein's homepage can be located on the internet at

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Author: Rudy Brandon is the ultimate timepiece buff and the author of this snippet. As an award-winning author of many pieces on fashion watches, Rudy has surveyed the entire landscape of watches and knows just which watch would look great on you. Check out Rudy's thoughts and watch reviews so you can keep time with the best of them.

Anne Klein Jewelry Watches - Practical Timepieces From a Visionary Fashion Designer

Size Does Matter With Replica Handbags

When you're packing for a vacation, the size of your bag will determine what you can bring with you and what you need to leave at home. Your purse is no different. Thankfully, those that make replica handbags have realized that women are using their purses for more than just wallets these days. There are a number of different sizes of replica purses available for a variety of needs and uses. Here is a sampling of possibilities for your life.

The Smallest Sizes - Clutches, Wallets, Etc.

If you're heading to wedding, you don't want to be carrying an oversized hobo bag. You simply don't need all of that room and when you're with a bunch of people you don't know, why bring any more than you absolutely have to. A good rule of thumb is to have a purse that's small enough to fit on a table in front of you with a strap that can go around your wrist when you are carrying it. Having one of these in a black color and one in another sparkly design will be plenty for most special occasions when all you need is a driver's license, emergency credit card, some cash, and your cell phone.

The Medium Sizes - Hobo, Traditional Styles, Etc.

When you're running to the grocery store or to the pharmacy, you don't need to carry your entire life with you, but you will need to have your check book and perhaps other items to entertain your children while you are walking up and down the aisles. By bringing a medium sized purse, you will have plenty of room for tissues, gum, your wallet, and other items without overburdening your shoulder.

The Larger Sizes - Oversized Versions

While the larger replica purse is also a fairly big trend right now, the larger size is also quite convenient when you're constantly on the go. You can fit everything from a small makeup bag to magazines, and more. If your carry on bag doesn't quite fit everything you want, a larger replica purse can help when you go to the airport to carry all of your essentials. You might also be able to forgo a carry on altogether if it's a short trip. You can fit a laptop in some cases and any work items you might want for the trip too.

No matter what you need to bring with you, there's a replica purse that will fit your life.

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Author: Dan Geary

Size Does Matter With Replica Handbags

Hollister Style Clothing For Every Occasion

Young people love the laid back style of Hollister clothing. It is important to note that this Hollister is geared towards slender youth. Anyone who has a few extra pounds on their body might be well advised to shop elsewhere however. This is true for girls and boys, but particularly for girls. The Hollister chain of retail clothing stores only stocks clothing from size 0 to 9, although they do have sizes small, medium, large and extra large.

Hollister is the place to go when you are searching for clothing to wear when you hang out after school or want to go to the movies or to the beach. Hollister's specialty is youth apparel and you'll find an exceptional selection of jeans, casual pants, including cargo and tear away models, as well as Capri pants for warmer weather. They have a wide array of tee shirts, tank tops, long-sleeved casual shirts and skirts. The only thing Hollister Clothing doesn't sell is dresses. But if you're in need of a bathing suit or swim trunks, Hollister's has just what you're looking for. They also carry a nice assortment of jackets and fleece jackets with hoods, known as 'hoodies" that are so popular with today's teens. Hollister represents California and most of the clothing features names associated with the state.

Hollister's biggest sellers are boys and girls tees and girls tanks. Hollister does not sell boys tank tops. These basics come in a range of shades including red, blue black, and green. Some tops have the 'Hollister' name and logo, while others do not. These shirts come in sizes small through extra large. Tees start at $15.00. Button front shirts with both short and long sleeves are available for both sexes. Prices for button front shirts range from $20-$50.

Jeans are a vital part of the Hollister Clothing line and they are featured prominently. Many of the jeans sold in the store are described as being 'distressed'. These are jeans that come with holes and worn spots in them and look like they've already been worn for a very long time, even though they are brand new! Pants for boys are sold according to waist size and the girl's sizes are offered in the standard "junior" sizes which run 0 to 9, although there are a very few pairs of girls pants available in size 11. Athletic pants come in sizes small, medium, large and extra large for both boys and girls. The prices for pants at Hollister Clothing are in the $40-$50 range.

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Hollister Style Clothing For Every Occasion

Makeup - Mineral Makeup Versus Conventional Makeup

The essential components of all makeup would remain the same irregardless of the type of makeup or brand that you use. The basic difference lies in the fact that each type of makeup uses different formula with varying amounts of additives. In addition, makeup brands would even differ in the type of additives that they use. These include fragrances, binders, dyes and pigments and even preservatives. You may think that the additive percentage within makeup is very small, so how could it make such a big difference among the brands of makeup?

The intensity of the makeup would be dependent upon the amount of pigment used to achieve the desired color or tone of the makeup; the amount of binder used would indicate how solid your makeup is to your touch, how severe it feels on your skin, and how natural in looks in the final application; the amount of preservative incorporated would determine the shelf life of your makeup and its consistency from batch to batch.

So you may have been told time and time again that makeup is makeup, but not all makeup are equal. Mineral makeup, for one, is a makeup like no other. It is one of the purest forms of makeup available; it does not contain many of the common additives that regular makeup may contain, all of which are known to irritate the more sensitive or acne prone skin types.

Mineral makeup instead contains simply what makes the makeup a makeup - minerals such as mica, zinc oxide and titanium oxide. Its pigmentation and coloration are naturally obtained from the earth, so that they do not add to the problem of skin irritations. In addition, mineral makeup is non-comedongenic. This means that it will not clog the pores of the skin. The possibilities of skin irritation and acne outbreaks are therefore greatly reduced. Some people even claim that the metal oxides that make up the mineral makeup (titanium and zinc) have both a soothing effect on the skin in and anti-inflammatory properties.

But despite all of these known facts and assumptions about mineral makeup, one thing and one thing only is responsible for its extreme growth over the last few years - mineral makeup is the alternative to other more classic compact makeup that women have been accustomed to for years. It promises to offer a more comprehensive coverage, and it promises to stay on for hours after its application. Mineral makeup can replace the need for a separate foundation, powder and even concealer which were all former necessities with any other makeup line. Instead a single shade of mineral makeup now performs all three jobs seamlessly and effortlessly. Most importantly, it does this naturally so that at no time does the wearer ever feel like she has a mask on!

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Author: David Yu writes about Anti Aging , Weight Loss and Skin Care for tip4lady.

Makeup - Mineral Makeup Versus Conventional Makeup