Traditional Classics: Dickies Whites

As a professional the chances are good you demand better for yourself when it comes to your work wear. No matter what profession you choose, you demand you work wear works as hard as you do. With Dickies whites you will find that you get all you expect and more. Dickies understands what it means to be a professional with a professional’s need for perfection.

You did not get to where you are today by accepting second best. Dickies has a reputation hard-earned through almost a century of superior work wear and exceptional service. When you choose Dickies whites you are choosing the one company in the work wear industry by which all others are measured.

With all that Dickies offers, what makes Dickies whites so special?

Tradition, tradition, tradition! Dickies brings you traditional styles and designs updated to be constructed from the modern materials available today. This innovation solution has made Dickies whites a highly sought after category of professional work wear perfect for medical or healthcare workers but also for anyone needing professional whites.

What are some of the popular styles of Dickies whites available?

1. The Dickies white dress is everything you would imagine for a nurse dress. This nurses dress is the classical short, modest nurse dress made popular in the earlier years of medical work wear. The v-neck is collared professional with the short sleeves offering a comfortable feel to your professional apparel. This is a classic where Dickies whites are concerned.

2. The Dickies white skirt is another popular piece of work wear offered by Dickies. This is obviously designed with the woman in mind, and fall at or slightly above the knee for a professional look that is a bit sassy. There is nothing as compatible with other Dickies tops that this Dickies white skirt. You can have it all when you choose Dickies!

3. The Dickies seamless drawstring cargo pants are an innovative creation by Dickies. With so many years in the work wear industry, you would and should expect the best in innovative thinking. These cargo pants offer the spacious benefits of other cargo pants with the benefits of being seamless. The secret to these seamless pants is simply amazing adding to the astounding design afforded by all Dickies apparel.

4. The Dickies Johnny collar top is a beautiful classical and traditional additional to what Dickies has to offer. This Dickies whites is a wonderful addition to any wardrobe. The stylish collar means you will have a favorite when it comes to professional looks with a comfortable fit. Yes, Dickies simply offers you the best in designs and fashions. This is truly evident with this Dickies Johnny collar top.

As a leader in the medical apparel industry, Dickies whites offer you more. No matter what your professional, you will soon discover why Dickies is the leader in work wear for the professional man or woman. You get more with each purchase you make, and you are guaranteed a lifetime of wonderful use. With Dickies you can just expect more because Dickies knows you expect the best for you and your busy professional career.

Author: Max Johnson is associate webmaster of

Traditional Classics: Dickies Whites