The 3 Main Eras of Vintage Jeans

Everyone is looking to grab of piece of the vintage jeans craze. Not only are we attracted to the comfort and unique style of these denim classics, but the thrill of the hunt makes finding them even more special. But before you run off to search for your next favorite pair of jeans, you should first understand the time periods of vintage denim. Each era has unique features that should be matched accordingly with your modern tastes.

Late 70's and 80's Jeans

We can look back a catch a giggle from some of the outrageous styles of this time period, but there are also some great retro looks that can still be incorporated into today's fashion. Colored and tapered jeans can be used to make extravagant statements in the club scene, and the high waist look has also been spotted on some celebrities. For the more extreme fashion boundaries, acid wash has been making a small comeback in the punk rock and heavy metal circuits. All of these styles were in high demand in the early eighties, and their fashion resurrection has people scrambling through the old clothes in their closets.

Mid 60's to Late 70's Jeans

For those who are looking for a more natural or "hippie" look, this era in jeans is the perfect match. The sixties and seventies produced some of the hippest and most unique fashion statements of all time. While these trends were eventually overrun by the new wave scene, their styles have always been considered timeless and every generation clings on to the core concepts of this era in some subtle way. Searching for vintage jeans from the sixties and seventies is significantly more competitive than searching for more modern fashions. True vintage pieces in this category are not easy to find, but a successful acquisition can bring a lifetime of smiles.

Pre 60's Jeans

Prior to the hippie movement, the style and fit of jeans did not change nearly as much as the way people wore their jeans. From rolling up the pant legs, to buying off-fitting sizes, the most creative fashion statements were the unique manipulations by the owner. In fact, these impressions that each generation made on jean fashion stimulated the demand for different styles. People wanted to have more designs to choose from, instead of more features. Thus, as the fifties progressed into the sixties, the world of jeans began to see a major overhaul. You can still find classic denim from the fifties and before, but the fashion statement is not as effective as other modern eras.

Understanding the type of look you are trying to achieve is important when shopping for vintage jeans. Each era brings with its own unique style and story. The key is trying to capture these elements in a way that suits the modern aspects of your wardrobe without calling too much attention to the jeans. Remember that the best outfits define your body and accentuate your positives. This is where vintage jeans can help by defining your legs and bottom in a classic style that will grab the attention of your suitors.

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The 3 Main Eras of Vintage Jeans