A native New Yorker, Anne Klein was born Hannah Golofski in 1923. She resided in New York her whole life.

Originally schooled as an artist in the 1930's, she began her work as a clothing designer in 1940. She wedded Ben Klein in 1939 at the year of eighteen and adopted his surname to become Anne Klein.

In 1948, Ms. Klein founded Junior Sophisticates to fashion outerwear for younger women and remained at the helm for almost twenty years. In 1968, she founded Anne Klein and Co. in conjunction with her second spouse Chip Rubinstein.

The next few years would be very successful ones for her. In 1969, she was awarded the Neiman-Marcus fashion leadership prize. The Coty Fashion Hall of fame chose to honor her name in 1971. And she shone alongside other design luminaries such as Yves St. Laurent, Pierre Cardin, and Christian Dior as she participated in the famous Versailles fashion show fund raiser for the estate in 1973.

Anne Klein was 51 years old in 1974 when she died after a struggle with cancer. Donna Karan then took charge to direct the business and stayed in place until she decided to step down and create her own business. Anne Klein and Company preserves its good name today as a standard-bearer in women's fashion, focusing on chic and practical styles.

Anne Klein Watches

Anne Klein is a relative newcomer to the watch making scene. They have done a great job, though, announcing many original models. Every Anne Klein branded watches over the last few years, each matching the company's penchant for elegance, practicality and, above all, stylishness.

When choosing an Anne Klein watch, be aware of several factors. Fashion, naturally, is most important. How well will it go with your outfit? What will be its frequency of use? If you like the look, evaluate the watch components. If it's intended for everyday use, ensure it's not going to scratch easily. Check the water resistance -- if you don't plan to remove it, ensure it can get wet without sustaining damage. Lastly, evaluate the warranty. These types of timepieces are often delicate, so you want to ensure you could have it repaired or exchanged if damage does occur.

Models vary in the full spectrum in worth from affordable ($50 or less) to reasonably-priced diamond timepieces ($500-$600). Anne Klein's homepage can be located on the internet at anneklein.com

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Anne Klein Jewelry Watches - Practical Timepieces From a Visionary Fashion Designer