What is a fashion icon, well it is a person who is looked upon by others as being most fashionable in the way they dress to impress and present themselves in the latest trendy designer gear. A fashion icon regardless of how they feel, will, 24 hours a day, dress up to the nines to uphold the title they have been labeled with. An avid follower of fashion will normally duplicate what their favorite celebrity is wearing, therefore, choosing to ignore what is more ideally suited to their own image and budget. Duplication in the form of replicating what your idol is wearing, should only be copied if the boot fits so as to speak i.e. shape and size

Example: A size 8 figure hugging frock may not look quite as good on the female frame - which measures up to a size 18.

In the UK - Victoria Beckham wife of David the famous footballer has been named the ultimate fashion icon - beating supermodel Kate Moss into second place, with pop rival Nicole Appleton taking the vote for third place. However personal preference in desired clothing and appeal may differ in opinion from different individuals on this ballot, there will be those who applaud Victoria Beckham being crowned a fashion icon, while on the other hand there will be those who oppose the result.

Without doubt - fashion icon Victoria is most profoundly stylish, trendy and chic dressed in expensive designer gear from Italy Paris London, but so is her pretty bank balance. Fashion traits of Mrs Beckham are very desirable to say the least, so desirable that women replicate themselves based upon her wardrobe with devastating consequences, i.e. debt.

They say money can not buy happiness, but it sure can put a smile on your face when it makes Prada and Versace designed garments more affordable. Former band member of the spice girls, Posh Spice (Victoria) has also had a taste of modeling - she went under the spotlight at the London Fashion Week wearing designs from one of her favourite designers Maria Grachvogel.

When following suit of others especially a fashion icon - you need to remember that whatever clothes you wear will always be considered as a second hand idea. In other words you are not the first to dress in the latest new chic designs because; your fashion icon has beaten you to it.

Put the shoe on the other foot. Fashion icons are no different to you and me; they too browse fashion magazines and shop in fashion boutiques for clothes to wear, so therefore this is an opportunity to turn the tables round in your favor. If you are of the creative type, then get out the sewing basket and start making your own creations. If you are not handy with a needle and cotton then find someone who is to help make - what it is - you have in mind.

Getting your ideas noticed by a fashion designer can be a difficult task, but do not let that deter you. Promote your own personal ideas to those who matter, by becoming a fashion icon in the eyes of friends and family. Fashion attracts attention and more so if it is in good taste where your personality shines through.

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Fashion Icon - Fashion Attracts Attention And More So If In Good Taste