Generation-X Fashion Designer and Their Atitude

As the saying goes “Clothes make the man”, therefore it is very clear the clothe does make an impression. But who comes as the rescuer in the today’s time is the Generation-X who has entered with full swing in the fashion industry as the fashion designer. They have brought the new designer which has instigated the unease in the old designers. The fashion industry in the world is going through a boom phase. The export of the clothing material by the Eastern Countries to the Western Countries in the raw form, have increase the opportunities for the developing countries as a whole.

This upsurge in the fashion has given many fashion designers a chance to show their talent in the world arena. Earlier fashion and fashion designers were synonymous with the Paris, the world capital of the fashion, but now the designers of some uncharted territories are making rave review and because of this now the focus of fashion from the Paris has dwindled a lot. One can now name Shanghai, Mumbai, New York and London with the fashion and wild design.

Women in particular are making a beeline to be in the industry and it has in a way helped to increase the influence of women designers in designer world. Well, these designers know the requirement of today’s woman more specifically as the women are the largest customer in the market for the designer product. Therefore, women fashion designers are welcomed whole heartedly.

But are the fashion of male fashion designer has been a neglected. No, rather the male and female fashion designers are in market and every body is making a niche for them. Therefore, gender is becoming more redundant in the present day context, but the innovative and creative designs by these fashion designers are commendable.

These fashion designers are bringing in the new technology from computers to everything, from different clothes material and designs from the history and everywhere. They are making the ramp abuzz with their new style, sexy designs and what not. The other greatest things about these designers are that they are making everything looks perfect. They have been suggesting the hairdo’s of the models. They are into makeup, foot wear, jewelry, and other fashion accessories like watch, tops and bangles to goggles. Phew!! Great.

But why younger people are are getting into this world as fashion designers. Because of the instant fame and money involve in this business. Though the road for the success in very difficult and hard but they have been here because the money flow in the work has been great even if they don’t get the big success the avenue are very good for large number of people because big fashion house requires the budding talent as fashion designer to churn out the new design catering to the desires of the fashion hungry people of the present world.

Author: Nisha Sharma is a staff writer at She writes for various subject on women issues i.e fashion, love, datig and relationship. You can reach her at