Ella Moss, My Favorite Clothing Line This Summer

Why is Ella Moss my favorite clothing line this summer? Its not that it's the most noticeable line to be seen in, it is certainly not outlandish, nor is it the most expensive designer clothing line out there. In fact Ella Moss is my favorite line in spite of these facts. Its style and fit are an understated luxury that fortunately does not take loads of money buy.

It is no surprise that designer Pamella Protzel has created a line of clothing in Ella Moss that allows the wearer to express individuality and a sense of style. The Ella Moss clothing line was inspired by Protzel's life experiences in Los Angeles from early adulthood to the present. The Ella Moss clothing line is a perfect combination of creativity, eccentricity, playfulness, and elegance, and the care each piece is made with is evident in the quality of the clothing. The Ella Moss clothing line showcases a woman's femininity and casual beauty with filmy, soft fabrics that flow over the body and accentuate the curves. The Ella Moss clothing line and designer Pamella Protzel have been showcased in popular magazines like People, Women's Health, Cosmopolitan, among others and stars in Protzel's native Los Angeles are big fans of the line. The Ella Moss clothing line is designed with every body type in mind, giving variety to any shape of woman, rather than making the wearer conform to the garment.

The main reason why the Ella Moss dress range is so popular is because it follows the season's transitions smoothly. No matter what's in style at any particular time of year, you can find appropriate styles in the Ella Moss range. There is literally a style of Ella Moss dress to suit every woman. No matter whether you want a long, sultry dress, or a short, cute girly dress; Ella Moss will have something to suit you. This year women's spring and summer fashion revolves around dress's and so it is at this time of year when the Elle Moss Dress collection is in high demand. As for the 2008 range, the focus is on playful sexy styles.

The colors are bright and light and if you find a particular Ella Moss dress that you like but you aren't overly keen on the color, the chances are that there will be the exact same dress in the color of your choice! As spring and summer is when most people jet off on their holidays, the Ella Moss dress range is perfectly designed to be light, comfortable, and sexy. The only downside to some of this lovely range is that some dresses can only be dry-cleaned. So if you are looking to take them on holiday you should keep in mind you may need to find a dry cleaner while traveling.

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Author: Sara Metz

Ella Moss, My Favorite Clothing Line This Summer