Perfume For That Special Someone As A Gift

There are plenty of reasons to buy perfumes and colognes. You do not need a reason to treat yourself to one of your favorite designer fragrances. But there are times when you want to give the gift of perfume to someone else. So what do you do?

Buying perfume for someone else can be a minefield of problems if you do not pay attention to some subtle things about the person. It is a unique blend of personality and mentality that comes together to make up a person's essence. The goal is to capture their essence in the perfume bottle.

Buying perfume for someone else begins with observation of what they typically wear. This includes clothing, make-up and their regular perfume and cologne. She may be a body lotion type of person, so you have to keep that in mind, as well as what types of clothing and fragrances are worn during the day, versus at night.

A person who tends to dress-up more will typically wear bolder fragrances. Someone who wears more casual clothing might wear a softer, more subtle fragrance. This will also change if dressing to the nines for an evening on the town. Different occasions call for different scents.

If you still cannot decide on a particular scent for someone, then you can go the sneaky route and ask someone in their household what they typically wear and then find something either similar or buy the exact brand of perfume and cologne they usually purchase. It may not be the most original idea but it could save you money if you were to pick a totally off fragrance that they would not want to wear.

Oh, and one further note. Some people are allergic to more concentrated scents, such as those found in eau de parfum and essential oils, so keep this in mind if you know the person has sensitive skin. You may want to go with a body lotion of their favorite scent instead of the perfume version.

So what if you had to play detective in order to go about buying perfume for that special woman in your life. She will get a lot of pleasure out of the fact that you cared enough to get a gift. It may not even matter if you messed up and picked the wrong scent. If you feel that you got it wrong, then you can always take it back and exchange it for something more appropriate.

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Perfume For That Special Someone As A Gift