Fake Human Skin

Ever wonder what technology can do to fashion?
Or shall we say it's the unlimited creativeness of human mind that unleashes the oddness in the latest fashion world? To most of the ladies or self-proclaimed fashionista (in the fashion industry), the outfit created by a French company named SkinBag might give them a great shock or set them aback. Peculiar to most of the eye, the outfit created featured a common design so common that it is owned by everyone (never been so close) and yet it gives a quirky feel to those who set their eyes on it. The descriptions of this piece of outfit sounds like a riddle to you? You might frown for a second or two and even get startled by the answer when you were told the answer.

Fake human skin is the answer! (Counting 1 second..2 second) How would you feel to wear a second fake skin onto your real skin? Does this new fashion item make your adrenaline gushing through your veins or it gives creeps you by giving you goose bumps over your body? If you ever had any imaginary thought of wearing it this is the chance for you to have it as SkinBag produced a collection out of the synthetic material. As synthetic as it is, the skin feels nonetheless so real to the touch. Once you have a hand of it you would never stop exclaiming the realness it possessed by resembling the real human skin. The original idea was founded by Olivier Goulet, a transmedia artist by French origin. The idea is so odd that it has captured public attention in Europe when the series of collection was released in French. Up to date, SkinBag has several retail shops (some under experimental stage) across Europe. To get overwhelm attention in today's world, it is essential to have your product as unique as possible, so as to create a huge publicity out of it.

A variety of series has been offered by SkinBag, namely sling bag, small coin pouch, jacket and etc. These series are suitable for both ladies and men. According to the Olivier Goulet, most people felt uneasy to even touch the outfit at their very first encounter, the touch of it provoked their fear and disgusted feeling towards the fake skin. However, once the consumer understand the story behind the creation of these outfits - to decipher the true self of one's identity, they no longer refrained themselves from this of art. They have, nevertheless accepted this fusion (between digital and organic media) design and learned to love this fascinating design of Goulet.

Besides from the outfit, SkinBag also feature a series of imitates organ accessories to be owned by their die hard fans. These accessories are wholly hand made and crafted as nearly as possible to the real organ! If you are those people that thirst for attention, wear an organ accessory and you are guaranteed tones of stares when you go on street wearing it. To top it, SkinBag promotes originality to their customer by providing customary service, where SkinBag also has a line of para-organic design.

Due to vast demands from design industry, SkinBag provides their raw material as well for their customer who would like to incorporate the material into their design and turned it into perceptible existence. SkinBag aimed to induce individuality and influenced personality in their customer design thus Goulet has come out with the idea of supplying raw material to extend his unbound creation for the betterness of others.

Never want to be left out and being tagged as outdated? Try considering Goulet's design and you might starts to love yourself and your surrounding more.

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Fake Human Skin