One of the top designers in terms of travel bags and leather goods is Louis Vuitton. If one of your goals is to enhance your wardrobe then Louis Vuitton handbags are definitely a must-have. You can choose from several different varieties of bags, and the new up and coming season brings about great new designs from the manufacturer that you will love, no matter what your style. This article goes into some information about the new arrivals, in addition to the best places to buy your new purse.

Wallets by Louis Vuitton are just as fashionable as the purses, and there are a quite few styles that are available as well. You can buy the conventional design wallet, which is dark brown leather with the tan Louis Vuitton symbols appearing throughout the wallet. The Pochette is another type of Louis Vuitton wallets for you to take a look at; the wallets are small enough in size for you to carry anywhere, but will certainly fit all your important items, so some individuals just use it as a small purse.

Various Lines and Styles

Louis Vuitton handbags are classic in style, but the appearance is always changed somewhat in order to give you something fresh and new to select from for the season. The Tivoli GM, for instance, has the classic Louis Vuitton print, but is has a shape similar to a bowling bag, giving you extra room to store your items. The purse also has base studs so that you can sit it on the floor or other flat surface without having to concern yourself about it tumbling over.

The Palermo PM is one of the new Louis Vuitton handbags that is excellent for traveling, since it comes equipped with an added strap for you to wear across the shoulder in case you are carrying any heavy items in the bag, but the Beverly handbag line is smaller and more pragmatic for everyday use. It has a more vintage shape to it, and is very feminine. These bags all have a similar print, but the design and shape of them make them oriented to different styles and preferences.

Places To Research and Buy

If you want to find out where you can purchase Louis Vuitton handbags, you can visit the designer online resource at Louisvuitton to get descriptions of each handbag and to find out about the various costs and other great Louis Vuitton accessories. You can also visit the online destination Handbagcrew and Overstock to find reduced prices on wallets and purses by the designer. You can also discover other great designers on these sites that have the same quality, and you will be able to see just how much you will save by buying on these sites--the prices you would actually pay in a department store are ordinarily much more. Happy shopping!

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